10 Facts You May Not Know About Native Americans

Native Americans are the people living in North America. These people belong to different tribes and different ethnic groups.
These are the original people of America and are separated to those people who at sometime, at some stage migrated to America. But it is also said that Native Americans were not “pure by family tree” because they belong to India and somehow are said as native Indians.

1. Appearance of Native Americans

Ancient Native Americans had long hair and they were tough looking. They were hard working and that’s why they had tall and strong bodies. Their dresses were handmade and decorated with thread work and beads.

2. History

Native Americans have been there since 500 years. They came and stated living in America through bringia. This is a place which connects two continents i.e. south and North American continents.

3. European invasion

In 13th and 14th centuries due to rapid invasion of Europeans, these Native Americans suffered a lot. They enslaved these native people and captured all of their holdings.

4. Impacts of European invasion

European invasion had a bulk of negative effects on Native American population in form of epidemic diseases, wars and genocide. These were the effects that caused a huge decline in number of Native Americans. They did not have enough knowledge, education and medicines; so they did not survive and were catch up in these evils.

5. Professions

Main profession of these people was making weapons and growing fields. Besides these professions they also used to make things with feathers and supplied to different areas. Leather work and bead work was also their profession.

6. Population

At the time of European arrival in America, the number of Native Americans was about 1.2 billion.

7. Spiritual beliefs

They had no strong spiritual beliefs and were not very religious minded.

8. Teachings and education

Native Americans were not educated and had some really ethical and institutional issues. They did not consider education a necessary thing. There are only few known scholars from 19th and 20th century who were Native Americans.

9. Famous Native American tribes

Cherokee, Navajo, Choctaw, Sioux, Apache, Iroquois and Latin American Indian were the famous and most powerful tribes of America. They all ruled for more than 200 years on America. Among them Cheorkee had highest number of people that was about 729,533 people.

10. Number of Native Americans today

Today there are about 2 million Native Americans in US and about 1 million in Canada.
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