A death row inmate who murdered his two little girls opened his eyes and uttered chilling final words as he was executed in front of the youngsters' mum.
John Battaglia, 62, shot dead Faith, nine, and six-year-old Liberty in May 2001, as their mother, Mary Jean Pearle, listened helplessly on the phone.
Last night, the ex-accountant was put to death for the killings, after last-ditch appeals to spare his life were rejected by the US Supreme Court.
His former wife, Ms Pearle, watched from the death chamber's viewing area.

In a final statement, Battaglia smiled at the mum and said: "No, well, hi Mary Jean, I'll see y'all later," according to local media and prison officials.
He then said "go ahead" and closed his eyes. But moments later, he opened them and asked: "Am I still alive?", Dallas News reports.
He then sighed and said: "I feel it."
Battaglia, a former Marine, was pronounced dead at Huntsville Unit Prison in Texas, US, after about 22 minutes. He is the third man to have been executed in the country so far this year, according to WFAA.
His lawyers had argued he suffered from severe mental illness and was incompetent to be executed. However, lawyers for Texas contended Battaglia understood what he had done and was competent.
The Supreme Court denied the last-minute appeals without providing a reason.
Battaglia sprayed his daughters with bullets from his .45 caliber pistol in his home's loft in the Texas town of Livingston on May 2, 2001.
On the day of the murder, he had learned there was a warrant out for his arrest for violating his probation, which he was serving after being convicted of assaulting his estranged wife.
That evening, Battaglia picked up the girls for a regular custody visit and sent Ms Pearle a message saying one of the youngsters had called for her.
Ms Pearle then returned the call and Battaglia put her on speakerphone, before telling Faith to ask her: “Mommy, why do you want Daddy to have to go to jail?”.
Moments later, the little girl cried out: "No, Daddy, please don't do it.”
Ms Pearle screamed down the phone for her daughters to run, before hearing gunshots ring out and her estranged husband shout: "Merry f*****g Christmas."
When more gunshots followed, she hung up and immediately called 911.
After the murders, Battaglia went to a nearby tattoo parlour and had two roses inked on his arm. It was there that he was arrested by police.
In a previous death row interview with the Dallas Morning News, the dad spoke fondly of his daughters and said he "didn't feel" like he had killed them.
He referred to the youngsters as "your best little friends, nicest little kids".
Disturbingly, when asked what he felt about their deaths, he said: "Why would I worry about where they are now?
"We’re all here; we’re all gone at the same time. I’m not worried about it."
It took a jury approximately 20 minutes to convict Battaglia - around the same time it took for him to die.

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