Hospital Tried To Pull Plug On Son, But Father Had Different Plans In Mind

When a Texas father found out that his young adult son had suffered a massive stroke and that the hospital was quick to the draw on pulling the plug on his life support, the diligent dad wasn’t quite ready to allow them to make that fatal call. He saw signs of life in his son, even though physicians insisted on calling it quits. This unleashed a chain of events, which ultimately landed the father in prison right before the holidays.
All George Pickering II wanted was a few last moments with his son, but the hospital had more important things in mind — namely, to clear a “death” bed for the next unfortunate person admitted. George was certain that his son’s days weren’t as numbered as physicians said they were, and the father was prepared for a literal fight for his adult child’s life, which ultimately forced him to pay a dear price.
George’s son, who was said to have a history of seizures, was given no hope after his most recent episode that rendered him in a vegetative state, KPRC reported. The hospital preemptively prepared for a “terminal wean” to slowly pull George Pickering’s son, George Pickering III, off life support, and organ donation arrangements were even being made on his behalf for his inevitable pass. However, his father wasn’t remotely ready for all this end of life preparation, and he made it evidently clear with what he did next.
“They were moving too fast. The hospital, the nurses, the doctors,” the elder Pickering said, according to Fox 43. “I knew if I had three or four hours that night, that I would know whether George was brain-dead or not.” The father took what time he had and used it to get his son back from inevitable death, but his actions would soon cost this dad his own freedom.
In a moment of desperation, George felt that the only option he had left was to arm himself in defense against assertive physicians and hospital staff trying to take the life of his son, which he knew inside was salvageable. It was the night that staff had planned to end George III’s life, when his father came to the hospital with a firearm, prepared to put a stop to anyone trying to pull the plug that was keeping his son alive.
Without having to shoot anyone, the father was disarmed by another of his sons, who unknowingly helped him see the miracle that the father knew was there for his comatose child. George III squeezed his dad’s hand, letting him know that he was still alive and not ready to die or let go. With that affirmation, the father peacefully surrendered to police, who were there on call after the man had showed up to the hospital “armed and dangerous.”
The father was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but it wasn’t for nothing. His son lived to see another day, and he is still alive today because of his father’s intuition and willingness to defend what he knew inside to be true.
The fearless father has since been released from incarceration, just in time to spend Christmas with the son he almost lost, had this dad not been so brave. This incident is proof of an unexpected way the Second Amendment protects life, which is especially important with the full implementation of Obamacare that seems to promote killing people off, rather than paying for them.
Bravo to this father, who stuck to his instincts, which allowed his son to keep on living, after the hospital declared his days were done.
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