Joy’s CAUGHT! Sexually Harasses Trump Fan Antonio Sabato As He Annihilates Her On The View

Joy Behar sexually harassed Antonio Sabato Jr., a well-known actor and model who is a hardcore supporter of President Donald Trump. Sabato was on The View to talk about his bid to run for Congress as a legal immigrant who supports the president’s plan for a border wall, and he annihilated big-mouth Behar. Joy was then caught sexually harassing Sabato, who can now join the #MeToo movement as he gets the last laugh.
Joy Behar is one big bully. That is her entire schtick. She screams and spews lies, raging like a wild beast while those she targets usually back down. The loud-mouth host of The View can’t debate issues because she has no idea what she is talking about. However, every now and then, a guest stands up to Behar, and that’s what happened with Antonio Sabato Jr.
Behar and her co-host and fellow far-leftist activist Sunny Hostin tagged teamed Sabato on illegal immigration and the border wall. You can tell these two shrews thought they had done their homework on Antonio, whose family had to flee Italy to Czechoslovakia while running from the Nazis before they were granted immigration rights to the United States.
You can anticipate the set-up as Behar and Hostin are completely ill-informed and ignorantly believe illegal aliens are in the same category as legal immigrants. They really thought they were going to catch Sabato off guard, but big mouth Joy found out the hard way she was in over her head, as the actor turned candidate for Congress annihilated her, leaving her looking like a fool on live TV.
“You call yourself an immigrant, but you’re in favor of the wall being built, being paid for by the American people and keeping other immigrants out of the country much like yourself,” said Sunny Hostin, according to The Daily Caller.
“The way I see it, I want the American people to be taken care of first,” Sabato responded. “I don’t want the American people to take care of everybody else’s problem…”
That’s when the loud-mouth Behar cut him off, screaming, “But if they felt that way when your family was coming over here, you would still be in Italy!”
“I came here legally. We had to wait in line and struggle and save a lot of money,” Sabato shared. “There are people like that waiting in line. So, they deserve their chance. We need to legalize — I mean there has to be reform…but at the same time, we need to protect our borders and build [the wall].”
Joy-less then made some stupid remark, stating most illegal aliens “fly here on planes,” claiming that they are “not coming across the border,” which is a fable you can hear nightly over at CNN.
The famous Trump supporter, Sabato, corrected her, saying, “We are arresting at the border 1,000 people every single day. And, there’s probably a lot more coming in.”
He continued to destroy Joy’s argument, while Behar looks like she swallowed sour grapes. “So we can’t allow that to happen, and they’re bringing a lot of drugs or whatever,” Sabato said. “So, we need to protect the American people. That’s all I’m saying.”
Yeah, Joy hates it when she looks like an idiot when her blatant ignorance is revealed for the whole world to see.
Antonio Sabato Jr. shunned the Hollywood crowd in favor of President Donald Trump and his policies. He was embraced by the celebrity crowd initially, as he acted in various TV shows. He was even given the “Hollywood honor” of being a Calvin Klein underwear model. This is a coveted gig by those in Hollywood who value looks over everything else. He then “came out” as a conservative and backed Trump, and of course, he became a pariah in Tinseltown.
Well, Joy Behar and the shrews on The View weren’t finished with Antonio. These witches had planned ahead, knowing he was there to bolster his campaign for Congress, so they had a “little surprise” for the candidate. Joy cues the staffers to put up a huge pic of Sabato in the Calvin Klein underwear ad. Then, she degraded him on live TV.
As The Daily Caller reports, “The View cohost Joy Behar shamelessly sexually harassed congressional candidate Antonio Sabato Jr. during his Thursday appearance on the show. Sabato Jr. is running for Congress in California, and appeared on The View to discuss his run and his support of President Donald Trump.”
They add, “However, Behar decided his appearance was as good of a time as any to let him know that she wanted to see him in his underwear. Sabato Jr. jokingly asked Behar if she wanted to be his campaign manager, to which she responded, ‘I’d like to manage your career as a model in the underwear, though. That you have a shot at.'”
Ok, so let’s look at this from another perspective. If Antonio was a woman and a Democratic candidate, and Joy-less was a man doing this interview, can you imagine the outrage? It’s as if Joy was saying, “Hey honey stick to the underwear modeling, you got a shot at that. But this Congress thing, you have no chance.” That’s outrageous. Imagine if Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity had said that to a woman? Is it enough for me to call her out as a pig and a big fat hypocrite as The View plugs the #MeToo movement, then pulls this stunt?
I think Antonio Sabato Jr. “joked” at the ambush because he was caught off guard and didn’t see that coming at all. He is also a man, a real man not like the beta males “The View” shrews love to promote. So, he let it go. He knows this is what these losers do in Hollywood. They preach one thing, then do the opposite if you’re not on their far-leftist team. Loudmouth Joy Behar and her cohorts can all burn in hell. It’s time ABC cancel that shrieking hate-fest.
Joy’s CAUGHT! Sexually Harasses Trump Fan Antonio Sabato As He Annihilates Her On The View Joy’s CAUGHT! Sexually Harasses Trump Fan Antonio Sabato As He Annihilates Her On The View Reviewed by 1 on February 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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