Liberal Judge Has SICK Reason For Light Sentence After Gay Man Molests Baby

Twenty-nine-year-old pedophile Ryan Simpson was sentenced to only 16 months in jail on March 28, for video recording himself sexually abusing a screaming baby and then sending the video to his gay lover. Now, outrage has erupted over the sick reason that the liberal judge let this sick pervert off so easy.
According to The Press and Journal, Simpson was convicted at Elgin Sheriff Court and then sent to the High Court in Aberdeen, Scotland, where the liberal Judge Lord Woolman shocked millions with only a 16-month jail sentence. Even more shocking was the reasoning behind Woolman’s decision that now has people all over social media furious, and rightfully so..
According to The UK Database, Woolman made a statement that many found disturbing when sentencing Simpson to just 16 months in jail. “I accept that your former partner exercised a malign influence upon you. You terminated the relationship once you appreciated where it might lead you,” Woolman said.
This is the most insane lack of reasoning ever heard coming out of a judge’s mouth. The details of Simpson’s crime called for a much lengthier jail sentence, and many agree, with numerous people speaking out on social media who thought that Simpson needed a harsher punishment. As one person said in a Facebook comment, “It’s a total joke the justice system, bring back hanging, the filthy oxygen thieving scumbag should have his hands and bits chopped off, doing that to a baby or any child is totally sick and no sentence is enough, makes me sick!!!”
Simpson was arrested last August after police raided the home of his former boyfriend Scot Ayers where they found video footage in which Simpson is seen sexually assaulting a crying infant. According to police, the message Simpson included with the sickening video he sent to Ayers said, “I didn’t have much time or I would have done as I wanted,” indicating that the only reason he didn’t continue molesting the baby was his fear of being caught.
As investigators continued to dig into Simpson’s electronic devices, things only got worse. Simpson was also convicted of having child pornography in his possession after two more videos in which children are seen being sexually assaulted were found on one of his smartphones.
According to Mail Online, the crime was discovered after police interviewed a third man who lived in a Northampton house where Ayers and Simpson once cohabitated. The two men were reportedly having a long distance relationship when the sexual assault of the baby took place.
Police confiscated Ayer’s electronic devices upon searching his home in the South of England and found the horrific video Simpson had made and sent to Ayers on a Samsung tablet. The prosecutor Alison Wylie said, “The baby was distressed and crying during the video footage.” According to court documents, Simpson lewdly put his tongue in the baby’s mouth as the baby screamed in distress.
After his arrest, Simpson admitted to taking an indecent image of a baby, distributing those images, and possessing indecent images of children. Simpson also admitted to sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13.
Jonathan Crowe, Simpson’s defense attorney, blamed his client’s sickening behavior on his troubled upbringing and then on his former boyfriend, Ayers, who Crowe told the court, pressured Simpson into sexually assaulting the baby. Ayers was sentenced to eight years in prison for his part in this horrific string of crimes against children.
It is incomprehensible that this liberal judge would allow Simpson to walk free after serving only 16 months in jail after the extensive evidence found against him. This man belongs in prison for decades and perhaps this liberal judge would agree if it were his own child who Simpson victimized. The world just seems to become more sick with perversion as time moves forward and the answer for that sickness is definitely not showing empathy for pedophiles after they have destroyed a child’s life. Luckily, the judgment they receive in this world isn’t their last. Although they may get away with their crimes while on this Earth, their depravity will catch up with them in the afterlife.
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