Man With 26 Kids From 15 Women And No Job, Makes New Demand Of Taxpayers

Wow, this guy has a lot of kids. And no job, so he earns no income. But somehow, he managed to get a house from the government out of it.
Peter Rolfe has 26 kids by 15 different women! He and nine of his children are receiving a stipend from the government. Understandably, this doesn’t sit well with many of the family’s neighbors, as Rolfe told The Mirror: “I was shopping in Morrisons and someone came up to me and shouted ‘scrounger’ in my face.”
He added, “I have also had people driving past me as I am walking along shouting abuse.”
The Daily Telegraph notes that Rolfe is blind in one eye and receives about $64,000 in benefits each year. He previously had a three-bedroom home but told local council members it was too small for his family. The government gave him a five-bedroom home, which he lives in with six of his children and two grandchildren.
Those commenting on the YouTube video about Rolfe and his family were not impressed that he has mooched off the system, with posts such as: “Absolute scum of the earth,” “these people make me sick, want this want that, just go to work like the rest of us,” and “Stop having children if you can’t afford to keep them.”
Another person commented “they play the poverty card, don’t make me laugh they get loads of money. About time for the benefit cap I say…” and another person noted: “that man with 26 kids should be ashamed. Why doesn’t he go to work and stop slinging off the taxpayer? Fed up with people like this.”
This commenter thinks that perhaps the authorities should intervene, given the case, writing: “There should be some common sense instilled into people as for what is appropriate to do and what not…I might understand if the guy was a well-off finance professional or the sort to be able to provide a decent life for all the kids with HIS MONEYS, but this is just ridiculous. I think the social authorities should step in, move the majority of the kids to foster homes and leave the guy with 3-4.”
Another commenter countered with this thought, however: “to all you haters out there, is it because they are all born and bred in this country you guys have a problem? But I guess its ok for EU/ other countries to claim child benefit/dla for kids/ family members that don’t even live in this country! You need to realize it’s the media trying to make you hate.”
Another commenter spoke of her own personal experience, continuing to work and earn a living despite battling an illness, writing: “Have worked hard for many years fighting a really bad disease that could kill me any day and never claimed years of benefits. We even had to sell our home and lose more money. I could put many people to shame. I even went back to work after major surgery. I worked hard to provide for my family which is normal to do .”
Man With 26 Kids From 15 Women And No Job, Makes New Demand Of Taxpayers Man With 26 Kids From 15 Women And No Job, Makes New Demand Of Taxpayers Reviewed by 1 on February 11, 2018 Rating: 5
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