Raped Teen Refused Abortion, Decades Later A Knock At The Door Stuns Her

The pro-abortion crowd often hails rape as a perfect example of why women should be allowed to terminate their pregnancies, despite the fact that rape and incest are said to account for less than 1% of abortions. Regardless, pro-life advocates urge others to choose adoption rather than murder, no matter the circumstances of how the pregnancy came to be. While pro-choice advocates seem to think asking a woman to carry a baby that is the product of rape is more horrendous than killing the child for the sins of the father, a story of a woman who was brutally raped by a family member shows us why continuing the pregnancy is a much better option.

Kathy Anderson was just 15 when a family friend brutally raped her, causing her to become pregnant. For the next eight months she would hide the pregnancy from her parents, only to have her mother find out she was pregnant the night she went into labor, reports LifeNews.
The young mother fell instantly in love with her “perfect” daughter, and at first, the thought had crossed her mind to keep the child.

“I wanted her like nothing I’ve ever wanted before,” Anderson told LifeNews. “She was mine … all mine.”
Kathy’s daughter stayed in the hospital room with her after the birth, causing her to bond with her child even more. However, it didn’t take long for her family and the hospital staff to push her towards putting her daughter up for adoption.

Anderson ended up agreeing to let her daughter go, but it wasn’t an easy choice she said. The decision ended up with her going into a “deep depression” after signing the adoption papers, but she said ultimately she wanted to do what was best for her child.
athy didn’t realize it at the time, but 29 years after she gave up her first-born, she would get a knock at the door that would change her life forever. Her daughter, who was adopted by a Minnesota family and named Katie, had spent the majority of her adult life tracking her mother down and finally became successful after enlisting the help of Troy the Locator, a television show that reunites families, according to the Mirror.
“I would go thru [sic] spurts of wanting to find her and just feeling hopeless since I only had an extremely common name – Kathy Anderson,” said Katie in a blog post for the show. “I remember writing letters and wanting to mail them and finding out how many ways there are to spell ‘Kathy’ and ‘Anderson’ so I hid them and went on with my life for a long time.”
Katie got a break in 2007, when her aunt told her she had known about Katie’s biological family for years and that she had two sisters, Portia and Alicia. After failing with a private investigator, Katie found the website for Troy the Locator and sent off her information. Hours later, she received a reply.

“I was shaking as they questioned me, and before I knew it, I was in Austin talking to Troy, who is my angel, and met my entire family,” said Katie. “We all bonded instantly and strangely, it doesn’t feel like we were ever separated.”
Despite the gaping hole that was left in Kathy’s life, she said she doesn’t regret her decision in the least. Now she wants to use her story to inspire other women to pursue their options if they’re considering abortion.

“I have wanted for so long to speak out of the horrors of abortion,” Kathy said. “I’ve been approached by so many people to tell my story.”

“Adoption does NOT end your life, I’m proof,” Kathy added, then explained that she’s gone on to have two more beautiful daughters and have an otherwise fulfilling life. “Both my daughters are homeowners, did wonderful in school, and never missed curfews. So the pro-choice people just use that as an excuse.”

With the number of families in America looking to adopt a child, abortion isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, the progressive left have been able to make the taking of a life seem inconsequential, and act as if a pregnancy is nothing more than an unwanted inconvenience.

I’m sure Katie would beg to differ.

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UPDATE: The allegations of rape are being denied by the daughter, Katie Laguanas, who states her biological mother lied in the interview. The sources from which our information has been obtained have removed their articles. At this time, Mad World News is attempting to reach out to both Katie and Kathy to clarify the details of this story.
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