Rapist Regrets Attacking Teen Girl When She Takes Something From Him Instead

Rapist Regrets Attacking Teen Girl When She Takes Something From Him Instead.

A 24-year-old thought he’d have it easy when he attempted to rape a 19-year-old girl in an elevator, only to find out he made a costly mistake.

When a teen girl walked home alone and got into the elevator at her apartment complex, she had no idea someone had been following her the whole time. As soon as turned around to press the button for her floor, a man attacked her with the hopes of raping her right there in the lift. However, just as he attempted to carry out his debauchery, he immediately realized that he picked the wrong girl to violate — and she was going to be taking something from him instead.

The best possible way many parents could equip their children against the countless predators in the world is to properly train them to respect and handle a firearm. Unfortunately, many countries would rather keep weaker citizens victims, instead of evening the playing field when it comes to violent sexual crimes. Luckily, one unarmed young woman had a backup weapon that her attacker never saw coming.

A 19-year-old girl, who remains unnamed, is being hailed a hero for her successful attempt to stop her own rape last week. The Independent reports that the teen was followed to her home in Toulouse, France, by a 24-year-old man who overpowered his young victim in the elevator of an apartment complex.

The man demanded sex from the girl, before “violently pulling her blouse” and other clothing, according to La Dépêche du Midi. However, he made a fatal mistake when he went in for a kiss. Refusing to be a victim, the girl allowed the man to kiss her, seizing the opportunity to bite down hard on his tongue, severing the organ and leaving the attempted rapist with a mouthful of his own blood.

Because of the immense pain and fear of bleeding out, the man leapt off of the girl and fled, leaving a stream of blood behind him. This not only gave the teen time to call authorities, but provided police with a proverbial breadcrumb trail with which they could hunt down the attacker.

Officials quickly alerted hospitals to notify police of any patient in need of surgery for a severed tongue, and within a couple of hours a medical facility informed them that the attempted rapist had checked into the emergency room.

As if the case was gift-wrapped and presented for trial, investigators had a great deal of blood from the crime scene, which was easily matched to the DNA of the alleged attacker. A portion of the man’s tongue was also recovered at the apartment, but there was no word on whether or not it could be reattached.

The man remains in custody and has been charged with rape, although he maintains that the girl had propositioned him for sex before viciously attacking him.

Much of the West seems to think that throwing unarmed women and children to the wolves is somehow empowering. Their idea of equality is skewed by the belief that most females are just as physically capable as men twice their size. While feminism has done a great deal for women’s basic rights in recent times, it has lost sight of its purpose, denying its own mortality in favor of feelings.

No matter how capable a 5-foot-2-inch, 110-pound woman feels she is, she is most likely powerless to stop a sexual deviant double her weight. It’s merely fortune that this teen managed to stop her attacker dead in his tracks, but for most this is a fantasy. Had the attacker begun his assault with a series of blows to the head, or simply brandished a knife and threatened to kill her if she fought back, she probably would have been helpless.

This, of course, is the pinnacle of the argument for gun rights. With a firearm, a fragile young woman is equal to even the most muscle-bound heavyweight, if not mightier. Likewise, it is the only way anyone stands a chance against an armed attacker, as criminals tend to disregard gun laws anyway.

Like much of the West, France has fallen victim to a false sense of morality, in which they believe that making oneself vulnerable is a good thing. It’s as if they actually think that disarming themselves and standing for peace will convince those who want to abuse them to do the same. As for the rest of us, we’d rather be alive than morally superior corpses.
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