Screaming Migrant Calls Judge ‘Racist,’ — So Judge Gives Brutal Lesson In Western Culture

An entitled migrant showed no remorse while on trial for threatening to rape and kill police officers and their families. However, when he unleashed a bizarre outburst and called the judge a “racist,” the magistrate decided to teach the new arrival a lesson in Western culture.
After repeatedly interrupting proceedings and accusing the judge of racism, a Sundanese migrant learned a hard lesson in courtroom etiquette. (Photos for illustrative purposes: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube)
Thanks to 1,400 years of Islamic growth, over 50 countries suffer the oppression and violence of Sharia law. Expectedly, the West is beginning to realize that welcoming millions of these inhabitants who’ve razed their own nation produces the same devastating results that every Islamic wasteland to date has met.
With a whopping 50 percent of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims marrying first cousins, repeatedly closing their genetic gap over centuries of generations, mental illness and explosively aggressive tendencies have burdened the religious community. Pair this ingrained dangerous hostility with the Quran’s numerous violent and oppressive commands and you have the perfect storm for mercilessly sadistic and systematic crime, the likes of which the West hasn’t experienced since the Ottoman Empire’s Muslim conquests.
In 2004, when Marial Dar was just 6 years old, his family brought him from Sudan to Australia as a refugee. Of course, as studies show, second and third generation Muslim migrants to the West become more adherent to Sharia law, often prompting these offspring to commit violent jihad. In keeping with tradition and Islam’s tenents, the now 20-year-old Dar, who never assimilated, was repeatedly arrested for unprovoked attacks on Melbourne police officers, threatening to kill them and rape their family members.
After arriving at the Sunshine Magistrates Court in Melbourne on January 24, Dar showcased his religious supremacy, deliberately ignoring warnings to stop interrupting proceedings as well as disrespectfully accusing Magistrate Frank Jones of being a “racist,” according to the Daily Mail. It was then that the incensed judge told Dar that because he has such a “big mouth,” he can unleash all the inane rants he wants from behind bars as his request for bail was being denied.
“It’s because you are racist. You have no respect,” Mr. Dar shouted. “What about my human rights? I’m going to sue you and your jurisdiction,” he shouted as custodial officers tried to remove him from the dock. “They are all racist,” he kept shouting.
The Herald Sun reports that Dar was removed by armed police officers as he angrily screamed at Judge Jones, threatening to file a lawsuit against him for denying him his “human rights.” Embarrassingly, Dar’s own mother chastised him, pleading with him to show respect for the judge as he was only getting himself further into trouble with the court.
He interrupted throughout his court appearance, claiming he was the victim of police harassment, prompting Magistrate Frank Jones to comment that he had a “big mouth” and a “chip on his shoulder.”
Dar was tossed back into his jail cell as Justice Jones pushed back the Sudanese thug’s trial to March 1, giving him plenty of time to shout himself hoarse in police custody. The judge added that he would not allow Dar back into his courtroom, ruling that the next hearing would be done via video interview.
“He’s a very angry man at the moment,” Mr. Jones said. “He thinks everyone is against him.”
“Bail to me, in these circumstances, is not on,” Mr Jones said.
The magistrate is upholding charges including property damage, making death threats, threatening emergency workers, and behaving in a riotous manner.
Dar was arrested on December 30 and again on January 8 for a series of incidents involving his bizarre criminal behavior. On January 3, Dar approached Sgt. Gerard Dickinson, who was off-duty at the time, strangely accusing him of robbery and assault before threatening the officer with murder. He also called Sgt. Dickinson a “dog,” which is a common Islamic slur toward non-Muslims.
“You stole my wallet you c—, you split my lip you dog, I know where you live,” Mr. Dar is alleged to have shouted. He later allegedly pressed his face against Sgt. Dickinson’s and shouted, “You weak dog… I’m gonna kill you.”
Just weeks earlier, Dar had been arrested by Sgt. Dickinson for terrorizing a taxicab driver. While being registered at Sunshine police station, Dar reportedly destroyed a seat while angrily screaming about his wallet and threatening the sergeant.
“I’m gonna kill him. I don’t care if I do time for it. I’ll remember his face, don’t worry. I’ll kill that motherf—–,” Dar allegedly said. On December 6, he allegedly told police he would “rape and kill them” as one of his associates was arrested for robbing a man near the railway station.
Dar is merely sporting the same rhetoric that the Muslim minority uses against their tolerant Western hosts in a bid to silence, intimidate, and subdue them. The tactic of decrying racism and “Islamophobia” is an effective way of step-by-step implementation of Sharia blasphemy laws.
Even if Dar is a mentally disturbed individual, he understands that the Quran incites him to wage war on the unbelievers by any means necessary until the unbelievers “feel subdued” and “there is no more disbelief and the religion is only for Allah.”
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