SICK Bully Takes Torment To New Extreme, Disabled Boy Pays Agonizing Price

A 13-year-old disabled boy is in critical condition at a Staten Island hospital due to agonizing injuries he suffered at the hands of a sick bully, who actually pretended to be his friend. Now, his mother is seeking justice on his behalf.
According to ABC-7 Chicago, Ursula Allen’s son Deandre Bloomfield has a walking impairment that has made him a target for bullying for quite some time. During an interview with a local news outlet, Allen revealed her son has been tormented by bullies at school.
“The kids in the neighborhood do make fun of Deandre because he has a limp,” she said. “So they call him ‘Limpy.’ And all he just wants is a friend to accept him and call him by his name.”
However, she claims the most recent incident came after one 13-year-old bully, whose name has not been released due to his age, actually befriended him in an effort to lure him to his home. Since Deandre has been a victim of bullying for so long, he was actually excited when his new “friend” invited him over. Although he thought the invite was the start of a good friendship, he soon learned that definitely wasn’t the case. Shortly after he arrived, things took a horrific turn for the worse. Allen claims the bully intentionally set her son on fire.
The bully, who is now a considered a suspect in connection with the alleged hate crime, reportedly sprayed Deandre with cologne. Then, tossed a match at the misty stream of cologne. The alcohol fumes from the cologne sparked the fire. The traumatized boy immediately fell to the floor and began rolling to put the fire out. The sick bully reportedly offered him no help, but that’s not all.
Apparently, the adults present inside the home also did nothing to assist him. In fact, they even failed to call 911, and Allen also claims the bully’s mother and sister devised a sick plan to cover the incident up.
“This kid was just vicious,” she said. “He torched his…face and his neck and his chest. His mother and his sister tried to cover it up,” she said. “They waited two hours to call the authorities, two hours to call me. In pain, the whole time, screaming. They tried to put him in the shower, they changed his clothes. They did so much covering up, and I’m angry.”
Allen revealed that her son has suffered second and third-degree burns to his neck and chest as a result of the bully’s evil actions. In addition to the agonizing pain he’s suffering, it has also been reported that he’s been fading in and out of consciousness. This bully definitely needs to be held accountable for his actions.
In fact, the sick adults in the house, who did nothing to help Deandre, should also face charges for child endangerment. Any adult who allows something like this to happen on their watch without doing anything should definitely be reprimanded. If Allen’s claims are true, this bully should also undergo a mental evaluation because his twisted actions could evolve into even more disturbing crimes with age. Hopefully, this kid gets what he deserves.
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