THE GIRL HAS BEEN TAKEN’ Chilling words of Chloe Ayling’s ‘kidnapper’ who told ...

BRIT model Chloe Ayling was injected with horse tranquilliser ketamine before being thrown into a "big bag" as part of a £250,000 ransom plot, a court heard today.
Chloe's agent Phil Green alerted cops when he failed to hear from her before receiving an email from her alleged abductor who claimed to represent the shadowy Black Death group, it has been claimed.
Brit model Chloe was allegedly kidnapped as part of a £250,000 ransom plot
The court heard how Mr Green, of Supermodel Agency, raised the alarm after she failed to return calls and contacted the British consulate in Milan who alerted cops.
He then allegedly received an email from Lukasz Herba , 30, which read: “I am MD a medium level killer representing Black Death.
“The girl has been taken and she will be auctioned online in the Middle East.”
As the email was read out Polish-born Lukas, who claims the plot was a publicity stunt, shook his head several times as the interpreter translated it for him.
Chloe's Instagram following has rocketed to over 290,000 followers since the kidnapping
The court heard he was willing to release the mum-of-one one for £250,000 as the Black Death group did not kidnap “young mothers”.
Chloe was drugged and held captive in an isolated farmhouse for six days before being released, it has been claimed.
Several police officers are due to give evidence in the trial but bizarrely Chloe has been excused from testifying although defence lawyers plan to appeal the decision.
Herba dressed in a blue fleece arrived in court flanked by two prison officers for the start of the trial.
Chloe, pictured playing with her dog, will not take the stand during the trial
Initially he sat in cage of the court but later judge Ilio Mannucci Pacini allowed him to sit on a bench next to his lawyer.
Prosecutors say Herba was part of the Black Death group and he planned to sell her into the sex trade.
The court in Milan heard how Herba had initially contacted Chloe’s UK agent Mr Green for a photo shoot in Paris last April.
She flew to the French capital but the assignment was cancelled at the last minute by Herba who was allegedly using a bogus name saying his camera gear had been stolen.
Police say this was the start of the kidnap planning and a month later Herba bought two balaclavas online as well as a fake ID for him and his brother Michal.
The 20-year-old, pictured being interviewed by Piers Morgan, was allegedly auctioned for sale to Middle East human traffickers
He is also accused of taking part in the kidnap but is in custody in Britain awaiting extradition to Italy and will be tried at a later date.
Chief investigator Serena Ferrari said they had discovered an email in which Lukas asked his brother to buy “big bag” telling him “you know what we are going to do with it”.
Deputy head of Milan flying squad Serena Ferrari added how Lukas has booked a hotel room at the Best Western hotel in Milan for Chloe.
He also rented a flat close to the city’s main station and a small photographic studio paying up front in cash and using the fake ID.
The beauty was allegedly snatched by kidnappers working for the shadowy Black Death group, prosecutors claim
She described how Lukas contacted Chloe’s agent again and she was booked for a shoot in July in Milan and she called Mr Green to say she had safely arrived in checked in on July 10.
The following day she went to the studio but Ms Ferrari said: "Chloe was grabbed and injected with a drug we now know was ketamine.
“The people who grabbed her wore balaclavas and the next thing she remembered is waking up in the boot of the car.
“She was threatened various times during the journey from Milan to a small village near Turin where Lukas Herba had rented a small property.”
Chloe from Croydon, south London, who insists she is not part of any scam, has seen her Instagram account swell to more than 290,000 followers since the kidnap.The model was released after her alleged kidnapper took pity on the mother-of-one, it has been claimed
She was recently pictured in Switzerland but is now back home where she was seen walking her dog in countryside near her home.
The so-called Black Death group is described as an organisation operating deep within the “dark web” rumoured to be responsible for a network of kidnapping and people trafficking.
The name is notorious on sections of the internet due to the scale and depravity of its alleged offences, though it’s not clear if the photos it uses touting women for sale are authentic, nor if it is as proficient as it claims to be.
THE GIRL HAS BEEN TAKEN’ Chilling words of Chloe Ayling’s ‘kidnapper’ who told ... THE GIRL HAS BEEN TAKEN’ Chilling words of Chloe Ayling’s ‘kidnapper’ who told ... Reviewed by 1 on February 11, 2018 Rating: 5
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