Transgender Woman Spends $75,000 On Surgery To Look Like A Much Hated Celebrity

Because Kylie Jenner inspired transgender woman Kyleigh Potts, Potts has reportedly spent more than $75,000 on various plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures to look like her social media idol. While Potts has decided to keep her male genitalia so as not to be “put in a box,” she has gotten surgery everywhere else that has made it necessary to look like the social media and reality television star.

While Potts has spent a lot of money on surgeries, it is uncertain just how much money Kylie Jenner has spent to look like Kylie Jenner. With millions of social media followers and a business based on being a celebrity, it probably costs more than one would suspect to keep up appearances.

After dropping tens of thousands of dollars to get the look that she wants, Potts also wants to get expensive voice feminization surgery. Then she will also look for the right doctor to perform her buttock augmentation to get the curves that Jenner has.

23-year-old Potts hails from Denver, Colorado. And because she is obsessed with Jenner, who is a new mother, she is determined to look like her in every way possible.

As Potts started growing up, she could relate to Kylie Jenner. Potts felt like an “ugly duckling” and an “outcast,” and that she would never fit in with everyone else. But after Jenner began to transform in front of everyone with various plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, Potts felt renewed hope. She saw how she could build the life she wanted one surgery at a time.

Three years ago, Potts started using lip-fillers, just like Kylie Jenner does. But now she is admittedly hooked on emulated Jenner. She has gotten more than 40 other procedures. And she hits up her plastic surgeon every three months to get a touch-up.

“Kylie Jenner has always been my ultimate goal and inspiration, I feel like I have always emulated her and like her, I didn’t start out beautiful, I built myself beautiful. When I saw her come into herself and transform from the ugly duckling to the b**** everybody wants to be – every girl wants to be her, and every guy wants to sleep with her. I resonated with that. I always thought I was unattractive, ugly and never enough through the trauma of being bullied that I found confidence through altering myself. I turned to dermal fillers in attempts to make everything better. I spent my first two years doing that extensively to the point where my lips were huge.”

Potts has career dreams to help other people do what she loves to do. She wants to be an aesthetics injector.

“I have spent the last four years perfecting my transition into the beautiful woman I always knew I was.”

Potts is proud of the way she looks. It has been a lot of work getting the look of Kylie Jenner, but she feels well on her way.

“Whenever I go grocery shopping everyone’s heads turn that happens no matter what, I don’t pay a lot of attention to it – I’m used to walking into somewhere and having the whole room stare at me.”
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