We Found Him! Guess Who Was Just Arrested For Border Agent Brian Terry’s Murder?

The country was stunned when they learned of the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry. This brave America was gunned down while confronting a pack of criminals crossing the U.S. border.
What was worse was the discovery that two of the weapons used in the shootout were acquired by the criminals via the U.S. government. The Obama administration had been arming Mexican drug cartels in a pathetic and misguiding attempt to track these groups. Instead, operation “Fast and Furious” only helped arm and empower enemies of the United States.
Now, after many years, words has reached us that the last suspect connected to Brian Terry’s death has finally been apprehended. Justice is finally within reach.
From Breitbart:
Federal authorities working with the Mexican government secured the arrest of the final suspect in the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The apprehension occurred on Saturday in Mexico.
Breitbart Texas obtained a leaked internal memo written by the acting chief of the Border Patrol announcing the arrest of Jesus Rosario Favela Astoria. He is reported to be the final suspect in Agent Terry’s murder that occurred on December 14, 2010 in southern Arizona…
“Border Patrol Agent Terry will be remembered always and he will forever be a part of the U.S. Border Patrol family,” Chief Carla Provost wrote in the internal memo. “This latest arrest achieved our ultimate goal of bringing all the perpetrators involved in Agent Terry’s death to account…”
Agent Terry was on patrol with members of his team, searching for Mexican “rip-crews” that come into the U.S. to steal drug shipments or rob illegal aliens. When his team found the rip-crew, a gun battle ensued and Brian Terry was mortally wounded. He later died from his wounds.
Two of the weapons found were eventually tied to a gun running operation that became known to the world as “Fast and Furious.” The stated goal was to put guns into the hands of criminals and track them back to Mexico to discover the distribution network. Two such firearms ended up at the scene of Terry’s murder.
It’s been seven years since Brian Terry was murdered in that shootout. That’s a long time for family to wait for justice to be done. Imagine losing someone so close to you. A father or a brother. Someone that protected you and the entire country. Then imagine that you have to wait so long, just to know the criminals who took his life are being punished.
We can only speculate why it’s taken so long for this last gunman to be caught. While we have no doubt that U.S. authorities were working hard to track down this man, who knows what was going on over the border? Rumors and stories of corrupt law enforcement are rampant in Mexic. It could have been very likely that dirty cops and other agents were protecting the killer, or at least, slowing the wheels of justice.
But thankfully, there were enough good men in both the U.S. and Mexico to finally find this killer. He couldn’t hide forever.
The apprehension of this man means Terry’s family can have a small piece of solace. They will always miss their loved one, but they can rest easy, knowing that the people responsible for his death will face reprocussions.
But what about all the other “rip-crews,” still roaming along the border? How many more border agents will be harmed or killed, because of these gangs? What will it take for Congress to finally do their job and get the wall built?
We can’t hold our breath waiting.
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