Woman Hid Sick 2-Yr Secret In Converted Room, Then Someone Saw The ‘List’

For two years, neighbors and colleagues didn’t know much about Michelle Mellinger, who they described as a “stoic” woman who never expressed any emotion and always kept to herself. Then, a co-worker noticed something amiss, which led to a converted room the woman found a new use for and a “list” that left investigators sick.
Mellinger is a 49-year-old single mother to two teen boys and works as a teacher’s aid with the Mckeesport Area School District in Pennsylvania. Her predictable life of doing the same things day in and day out never seemed out of the ordinary until a fellow teacher caught wind of something strange taking place in the converted schoolhouse she called home in the neighboring town of White Oak.
While parents sent their special needs students to school each day, assuming they were getting the help they needed from Mellinger, nobody suspected that from 2013 to 2015 the teacher had actually turned her classroom into her private sex stable. When it was discovered by a couple of her colleagues, the disturbing details were worse than they thought as soon as Mellinger started to brag.
WPXI reports that Mellinger was turned into police after fellow teachers heard rumors about her scandalous arrangement with several male students. Unfortunately, the claims weren’t unfounded. When cops conducted an investigation, they quickly discovered some sickening messages that revealed what was happening behind closed doors in Mellinger’s home, along with a certain “bucket list” she bragged about, which unfortunately had been checked off.
Mellinger had been having sex with six students over the years and was ultimately charged with it, but it was clear that the pedophile had no remorse for what she had done. After learning of her charges, she started texting about it to some of her victims, saying, “Wow, you look amazing,” and bragging by saying, “I just became a pedophile,” as if that’s some kind of an accomplishment, rather than an embarrassment.
In her mind, it was an achievement, considering such a thing was on her bucket list, as she admitted in another text when she told one of her sex slaves that having sex with him was now something she could successfully cross off the list of things she wanted to do before she died.
Unfortunately, her death won’t be in an electric chair or in a jail cell after living out a death sentence, since she was only given 11 1/2 to 23 months in prison, one year of house arrest, and five years of probation, according to Independent Journal Review. It’s a disgusting double standard to her perverted male counterparts that she’ll actually spend less time incarcerated than the amount of time she committed these crimes.
What she did was calculated and intentional, despite trying to blame it on being drunk. Pittsburgh Action News 4 reported that she picked each of these kids up and brought them back to her house to have sex with them, presumably while her sons were home or coming and going. The neighbors saw children leaving the apartment frequently, but assumed they were friends of her sons. Mellinger’s kids have since been removed from the home, but as soon as mom is out of the slammer, she’ll be right back to her sick sexual antics, since she cavalierly bragged about it after being charged and got away with it with such a light sentence.
Women pedophiles should be treated no different than men. The crimes and perverse illness are the same, and they are a threat to society and impressionable children. She preyed on special needs kids to get what she wanted, which takes it to an even sicker level, and she has no place in the free world where she can keep creeping on kids.
Woman Hid Sick 2-Yr Secret In Converted Room, Then Someone Saw The ‘List’ Woman Hid Sick 2-Yr Secret In Converted Room, Then Someone Saw The ‘List’ Reviewed by 1 on February 11, 2018 Rating: 5
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