Baby's First Bath With Father Leaves Everyone Surprised

Being a new parent is so exciting. You get to experience this world you're used to with brand new eyes.
You relish every single one of their first times, hoping to record all your child's early milestones so that you can one day you can watch them together and reminisce.
My daughter's first bath felt as special as the first time she walked. The way she surveyed the bath water, and watched the ripples with her big hazel eyes will never fade from my memory.

She still loves water today, and has been a professional lifeguard for a few years now. I can't help but think that it all started with the first time I held in her the bathtub while I gently rinsed her body.
Although I didn't get the chance to record my daughter decades ago, one mother did.
She was worried about her baby's first bathtub experience and how they would react. But one thing is for certain, she'll never regret recording it...
In the video below, the father cradles his beloved infant. While he's speaking gently to his baby, both parents notice how their little one is flapping their hands in the water, trying to swim.
Ripples start forming around the child as the baby looks around wide-eyed with excitement.
The little one felt so relaxed that they were about to sleep! Also, how adorable was that sneeze at the end?!
What a beautiful moment between a father and his baby!

How did your children react the first time you gave them a bath?

[H/T: Relay Hero]
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