Boy Whose Brain Injury Captured The World's Attention, Passes Away At Age 7

"I love you to the moon and back."
Those were the last words that Stacy Halsted heard her two-year-old son say before she drove off to work on October 29, 2012.
A few hours after Stacy dropped Tripp Halsted at a daycare in Winder, Georgia, she received the phone call that would change her family's life.
“They said Tripp had an accident and I needed to come right there,” she told WXIA. “I didn’t even ask how bad it was. In my mind, I was thinking, ‘Great, he broke his arm or leg,’ nothing tragic.”
The concerned mother rushed to the hospital only to be told the unthinkable: her son may not survive.
Tripp Halsted Updates
Turns out, a tree branch had fallen on Tripp's head, which has caused swelling in his brain, forcing his body to shut down.
But Tripp was a fighter, and was not ready to throw in the towel.
Road to recovery
Despite his poor prognosis, Tripp managed to wake up. He had a tough road to recovery ahead of him, but with the support of his family and the hundreds of thousands who follow his journey on Facebook, nothing could stop him.
Stacy regularly documented her son's progress on the Tripp Halsted Updates Facebook page, and although some days were rough, Tripp seemed to have been on the mend.
For nearly six years, we had the pleasure of seeing photos of Tripp growing up and even attending school.
His parents had so much hope about his future, especially after he had "his best year yet" in 2017.
Unfortunately, the same could not be said for 2018.
Tripp Halsted Updates
Failing Health
Tripp's health saw a decline at the beginning of the year, starting with "episodes of pneumonia."
In a post earlier this month, Stacy also noted that she hadn't "seen a genuine smile" on her son's face since summer. "He just hasn’t had that contentment that we saw before and it is breaking my heart a little more each day."
Unfortunately, Tripp's state only worsened.
On March 15, Stacy went to wake Tripp up for school when she noticed that he was having trouble breathing, despite being hooked up to the oxygen machine.
He was immediately taken to the ER, where he was scheduled to undergo "lung washing" to clear any mucus buildup.
Sadly, their efforts weren't enough to keep Tripp alive. The seven-year-old passed away due to the complications, and his mother once again took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking update.
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