Respiratory specialist Zach Quinby and his partner save the life of a newborn with their endless dedication and the young girl miraculously survives. Recently little Addy celebrated her first birthday with Zach and their miracle story has captured the hearts of public all over the social media.

Addy Was Born Prematurely
Addy was born prematurely. Her birth was sudden and she was born so tiny and weak, that at one point the doctors told her mom Elaine that they might lose the child. Doctors told Elaine that the only chance of survival her daughter holds is if she is transferred to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, 60 miles away.

She Could Only Survive If She Was Transferred To A Children's Hospital, 60 Miles Away From The Previous One
With very limited time, it was suggested the baby should be transferred immediately with help of a helicopter. Unfortunately, on the day of Addy's transfer, all the helicopters were already in use. With no other option left, doctors had to load the newborn in an ambulance, to be driven for over an hour to reach to the hospital where her life could be saved.

Addy's Situation Worsened During Her Journey
Children’s Hospital Flight Team respiratory therapist, Zach Quinby accompanied baby Addy on her journey. One her way to the hospital, Addy's situation worsened and the newborn was struggling to breathe. The baby was put on a ventilator, but even that was not working. Zach recalls, "I couldn’t get her settled in on that breathing machine. Every time I put her on the ventilator, on the breathing machine, she would get worse."

I Am Not Going To Quit Until You Quit!
It was soon noticed by Zach's partner that Addy's condition improved significantly just as Zach handbagged the child, means the child was supplied with air manually. Desperate to save the girl, Zach did the procedure throughout the journey. He said, "We were driving back on I-25, in rush hour traffic, and there I was: breathing for this baby. And I made a deal with her back in that ambulance, and said, you know, ‘I’m not going to quit until you quit.’ And I’m really thrilled with how she has kept up her end of the deal."

Celebrating Addy's First Birthday
Zach and his partner's effort finally paid off and little Addy survived after spending months in NICU. The little girl recently celebrated her first birthday and obviously, Zach was there to celebrate the big day.

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