Only Dog Owners Will Truly Understand These Images

1. Sweet, Dirty Freedom

You love your sweet pupper more than you love most humans that you know. Depending on your dog and depending on the humans that you know, you might love your dog more than literally anything in the world. You know that with pup ownership comes a lot of quirks along the way. And you'll definitely relate to all these things.
No matter how much you may plead with them, the second you let your dog off the leash, they're going to find the dirtiest bit of mud that they can flop themselves into. And despite the fact that they love playing in dirty water, they'll be super upset with you for washing them later because that's just the way dogs are. Despite all these eccentricities, we still love having our furry companions around. 

2. A Little Overzealous

It's super cute when your dog gets excited to see you coming home. It can also be pretty perilous to both the dog and any inanimate objects that might be near the extremely enthusiastic pup. Still, no matter how much they end up destroying, you love them a lot for all the damage they've caused, because look at how adorable they are and how much they love you.

3. Dishwasher

Dogs like to help out around the house when they can. Sometimes, that means delaying you in finishing those dishes so you can get some much-needed rest and relaxation...while they also get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Maybe this is a way to get the dishes done and give your dog a bath, all at once? Er, maybe not, actually, because one or the other would probably end up on the short end of that deal.

4. The Joys Of A Furry Friend

You can find all sorts of little joys in life when you share it with a four-legged furry friend. Here are a bunch of moments that dog owners everywhere will totally identify with. 

5. Adorable Alarm Clock

Forget about sleeping in. If it's time to get up and play, dogs everywhere know exactly how to get your attention. 

6. Magical Scratching Abilities

Sometimes a spot isn't perfect until it's been scratched just a little bit. You may not see the difference, but your dog can certainly tell. 

7. Mistakes Are Made

Some toys are meant for cuddling and others are meant to be destroyed. The natural hunter can't help but sometimes totally annihilate innocent creatures while you're not around. 

8. Hide-And-Go-Scold

Every dog has destroyed something they shouldn't have at some point. And they've also thought that by hiding from you when you got home, you may not notice and will forget their transgression. 

9. Bathroom Buddy

Dogs love to be your shadow. And, just like your actual shadow, that means they'll follow you anywhere. 

10. Personal Space

Some dogs don't appreciate being ignored and will make sure you give them the attention they crave. Even if that means they'll be literally "all up in your face" about it. 
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