When Carrollton Police Department got a call about a noise complaint in the middle of the night.
The police showed up to a parking lot and found a group of young black men huddled and acting suspicious, and they'll be the first to admit it.
But as it turns out, the group wasn't up to anything illegal at all. In fact, it was pretty cute.
All of them were part of a grooms party and were practicing the dance for the wedding. The group of men show the officer their dance routine and he jokes with them about how his wedding was nothing like that.
The Carrollton Police Department posted about the incident on Facebook, saying "We see a lot of bad. But we see a lot of good too."
You really need to check out the video. It's a pretty great thing to see.
David Opegbemi, the groom, took to Facebook about his reaction to this video going viral.
“Our intent was never to disturb the peace. We are just a group of young black educated men who were having a good time and bonding while at dance practice. It's sad that we had the police called on us, but that's our world,” Opegbemi wrote. “We understand that we might be perceived as danger, but we hope this shows something positive and that a group of black men at night is not always a threat. It’s just a positive message. We’re not just something that’s suspicious. We’re doctors. We’re lawyers. We’re accountants in our community. We’re business owners. Both parties were respectable. The cop was awesome. He’s there to protect and serve, But when he shows respect, he shows kindness. He shows understanding.”
David and his wife, TieraFacebook
What an incredible reminder that not everything is as it seems, and we shouldn't pass judgement on people based on what they look like!

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