Powerful Post-Birth Photo Shows Why Nurses Are So Important

There really is no question… our nurses are some of the greatest heroes the world could ever ask for. Often they are the helping hands that do a lot of the dirty work, stepping up to the challenge and leading with example that puts the rest of us to shame.
Mommy KT Shoots Photography | Babies Rabies | Facebook
An American photographer by the name of Katie Lacer was hired by an expectant mother from Indiana to document her birth experience at her hospital. What she ended up capturing would be a photo that quickly went viral for all the right reasons.
In the photo, Katie, whose business name is MommyKT Shoots Photography, captures one of the pediatric nurses in an act that often goes unnoticed after the entire birth process. Here, the expectant mother is aided by a pediatric nurse as she struggles to use the bathroom after her body has been weakened by giving birth.
More often than not we tend to take for granted our nurses who take care of our loved ones. They will change your bandages, deal with nasty infections, and even go so far as to help us with bodily functions when the time requires it. Nurses who work as long-term caregivers in nursing homes are especially exposed to difficult work, but this doesn’t stop them from being the caregivers that we all appreciate and love.
The picture was made viral by a Facebook page titled Baby Rabies that shared the post which has now gotten over 70,000 shares. The post describes how the woman remembers her own birth experiences with all of her children, and even goes to describe how she was lost with complete modesty by the end of the process, but that didn’t stop the nurses from caring about her.
Babies Rabies | Facebook
The photo really is a testament to nurses everywhere, and the patience they have for their patients is absolutely heartwarming. Often they work long hours with few breaks, well into the small hours of the night, and with little pay in some areas.
We could all take a page out of the nurses in our lives, and if we learn to be a little more caring, perhaps we could live in a nicer, more loving world.
Nurses are awesome.
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