Remove These 7 Types Of Clothing Immediately

Ladies always have closets full of clothes. But, sometimes, you might find that there is nothing to wear for a particular occasion even if the closet is full. When this happens, the logical solution is to buy new clothes. However, this isn't really the perfect decision.
Try to think calmly for a second. Your closet is full of clothes, yet you can't choose any dress. That makes it pretty clear that the problem lies in the clothes already present in your closet. If you still go to a shop and buy clothes, remember that you are not solving the primary problem, you are temporarily neglecting it.
The truth might seem harsh you actually have a lot more clothes in your closet than necessary. Buying more clothes will only add to the junk that is already there, and will further deteriorate the situation.You need to remove that extra junk to create the ideal wardrobe.
Remember that you have to be honest with this, or else the problem will persist. Check out the clothing given below and note down which clothes in your wardrobe match them, and finally remove them.
Same Type Or Clone Clothing
It is common to have the same type of clothing in your wardrobe. This is fine if that applies to underwear, but for normal clothing, that is a serious problem. For example, if you find that there are six clothes having the same pattern and color with minute differences, you have a serious problem.
Pick those clothes and display them side by side together. Now watch closely. Try to remember when you bought these clothes and under what circumstances. Why did you even buy so many of them? Maybe you bought them on sale. Anyways, try to see if you have a favorite among them. Now comes the difficult part. You have to choose 1 or at maximum two from that group. This is tough, but remember at the end this will lead you to your ideal wardrobe.
Clothes You Have Never Worn

All of us have clothes which we have never worn or maybe worn once or twice. You need to make a list of such clothing. Try to remember why you bought them. Maybe it was for a particular event? For example, your wedding dress will also fall into this category, but that doesn't mean that you have to get rid of it. However, normal dresses which could have been worn on several occasions but you haven't, definitely is a good match.
Comfortable House Clothes

We all have clothes which we only wear inside our house and will never wear outside. These might include stained shirts or pants, oversized shirts, etc. Obviously, since you wear them at home, no one should give a damn about that. However, remember that this clutter your closet. Besides, studies show that how we see ourselves in the mirror greatly affects our personalities and lives.
Some people say that these clothes are super-comfortable, but think for a moment. Do you only want to wear something comfortable or something which you also look good in?
Make a list of clothes that have stains are torn, etc. which can be removed.
Clothes You Used To Love But Now Hate

We all have clothes which we used to love and wear often but now hate. You need to make a list of all these clothes and try to answer the following questions?
What happened? Why don't you wear them anymore? Why did you love them in the first place?
You might need to get rid of them if you want to de-clutter your wardrobe.
Clothes That No Longer Fit

Everyone has clothes that they can no longer fit in. Maybe we bought them when we were young or thin, or maybe they looked so pretty that we couldn't resist buying them. However, these are contributing to your wardrobe problem.
Quickly make a list of these clothes, and list their problems individually. Clothes which are too short and long have to be immediately removed. You might be able to keep clothes which are slightly over-sized or undersized, but if you need to shed lots of weight to fit into any of these clothes, get rid of them.
Irreparable Clothes

There are clothes which have been torn, worn out and damaged. Sometimes, you might be able to repair them, e.g., if they are missing a button, etc. However, if the damage is irreparable the time has come to say goodbye to these clothes.

There will be clothes that do not fit into any of the above six categories, which you don't wear. They are classified as filler. Maybe the shirt you bought for a massive discount, or the T-shirt your friends compelled you to purchase? Anyways, since you will never wear them and they don't hold any sentimental value, try to get rid of them as soon as possible.
Finally, after the hard work is done, look at your wardrobe. Your wardrobe will contain far less clothing, but remember that was our main aim to de-clutter the closet. Trust me, from now on, you will have no difficulty in choosing which dress to wear for which event, and this will reduce your stress too.
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