Why Did The Pet Python Stop Eating?

Most animal lovers believe that they know their pets very well. However, that is definitely not true. Animal psychology is governed by its behavioural patterns. Maybe, a cute puppy growling could actually indicate that it is angry.Often, animals can be unpredictable and its owner should always be on the lookout for something unexpected.
This woman would soon find out why her python was not eating any more. The python would slither all over her every night, hug her and lie close to her. It seemed as if that the python too was a loving pet just like dogs and cats. But she received a shocking news soon.
Shocking News From The Vet About The Python
The python was almost 7 foot long, and if it kept on going on like this, it would definitely die from starvation.Since the snake is so big, its nutritional requirements too are huge. Finally, she thought that it was time to take the python to a vet.However, she received a shocking news from the vet. The vet asked her whether the python would slither all over her, keep her close etc. and she replied in the affirmative to all of them. She used to think that the python was very sick and that's why it tried to stay close to her. However, she was completely shocked when the vet revealed to her the real reason for its weird behaviour.
The vet finally informed her that there was nothing wrong with the python. In fact, what came next was an absolute shocker. The vet told her that the python was actually getting ready to eat her. The python was actually sizing her up, which was evident from the fact that it was hugging her, keeping her close and slithering. These indicate that the python is going to have a big feast soon.
She Probably Wont Be Sleeping With Her Python Again.
So it was finally revealed that the python was actually getting ready to have a big meal and that is why it wasn't eating anything. It was waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike on its prey and eat it.This shows why keeping pythons as pets is such a huge risk. Hopefully, the woman wont be sleeping with her python anymore.
One should learn an important lesson from this incident while keeping exotic pets over conventional ones might show that you are unique and you are above everyone else, it is still a huge risk.
Pythons Should Stay In The Jungle Since They Are Carnivores
The python is a carnivore. Keeping such reptiles in your home as pets is extremely risky unless you are an expert in snakes.Just to prove my point, consider the fact that in 2009, a 18 foot python almost crushed a 3 year old infant to death in Las Vegas. The kid became blue from asphyxiation, fortunately, the snakes babysitter arrived at the right time and had to stab the snake with a knife to stop it from killing him. The snake finally succumbed to its injuries and died.

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