True Facts About Men That They Hide From Others

There are a lot of facts about men and women that we know about. For example, CNN reports that the life expectancy for men in the United States is 81.1 years, compared to just 76.1 years for women. But there are some true facts about men that they try to hide from others, particularly women.
Whether its guilt or they just don’t think their partner will understand; all men have secrets that they try to keep.
Below you will find true facts about men that they do not want women to find out.
Before I get into the real secrets, let’s talk about one true fact about men. When they’re younger, men can wear tight clothing because our bodies are still growing and it’s comfortable. But according to Real Men Real Style, as men get older, they develop more confidence and don’t rely on tightly fitted suits. They want to feel comfortable, so they wear things that stretch or they wear sweatpants because they know their place in the world.
Financial Secrets: According to Bonnie Winston, who is a relationship coach, financial issues are one of the top reasons why relationships and marriages end. She mentions that one couple she met had a big spending problem. What both of them would do is try to hide their purchases. Despite both of them hiding their purchases, Dr. Caroline Madden, a family and marriage therapist, says that men are more prone to keeping financial secrets. She says that men keep financial secrets such as not being able to pay bills because they do not want to worry their partner, and also want to maintain strength.
Fake Interests: David Bennett, a certified counselor and author says that men will fake interests based on what a woman he likes is interested in. Bennett says that men believe this is a good way to get the first date. But he also mentions that it can become a major issue down the road because it’s misleading the partner into thinking you’re something that you’re not. This is constantly done by men, and can even trigger them to continue to lie. In fact, a study published in Nature Neuroscience states that the human brain adapts to dishonesty. Small lies may make the person feel bad, but the negative emotional impact eventually disappears. This allows a person to continue lying without any remorse. In addition, Amber Maddison, the author of the book Are All Guys A**holes? surveyed over 1,000 guys to see if they would lie in order to sleep with a woman. She found that 35% of guys said they would lie about the commitment they would offer a woman just so they could sleep with her.
Men Keep Secrets About Their Past Relationships: According to Eric Hunt, who is a marriage coach in Myrtle Beach, most men in relationships he deals with are not comfortable discussing their past relationships. Hunt mentions that this can be a huge mistake in a relationship. The past will always be the past he says, but hiding the truth will only make it worse when it eventually comes out. Hunt says that being honest about your failed relationships may even make your present one that much more successful. Helen Fisher, a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute and chief scientific advisor for, explained to the Huffington Post that the reason why we have all these memories about bad relationships is that the brain is designed to hold onto them. She also explains that one of the reasons this may occur is that it is our brain’s way of reminding us why it didn’t work out.
Men Hide Their Emotions: Douglas E. Noll, who is a professional mediator and author of his book De-Escalate, says that out of all the true facts about men that they hide, their vulnerability is the biggest one. Is it possible that men are just as emotional as women? Research suggests that this is entirely possible. A 2014 study conducted by Dr. David Lewis, showed that men experienced emotional changes during an emotional experiment as well as the women did. But when it came to expressing these emotions, they were not as willing as their women counterparts.
How Hiding Things Can Ruin A Relationship: Arthur Aron, a martial intimacy researcher from Stony Brook University in New York, says that loving relationships help people expand themselves. It provides exploration, growth, and learning and also brings passion and interests. But when there is lack of trust, Aron says that it has the opposite impact. He adds that lack of trust makes the world smaller in a relationship, and it also can cause both partners to try and control each other because of insecurities and fear.
Ruins Communication: Depending on what the secret is, the partner who is holding the secret may become distant from their partner where they avoid certain topics of discussion. According to Psychology Today, avoidance could include being preoccupied with friends, hobbies or work. This leaves for little opportunity for a couple to have necessary private conversations that would show that both partners are on the same page. Psychology Today also explains that secrets can also provoke the deceiver to create an argument in order to keep distant from their partner.
Destroys Self-Esteem In A Relationship: Psychology Today states that deception and guilt can eat away at a person’s self-esteem. Guilt that could easily be reversed with pure honesty becomes shame. This can cause a person to start feeling worthless and can also lead to insecurities and depression.
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