10 Costco Secrets You Probably Never Knew

Costco has some pretty interesting and cool secrets that many probably don't know. And after reading them... you'll want a membership asap!

1.Costco Employees Actually Make Pretty Good Money!

2.The Free Samples People Don’t Even Work For Costco!

3.Anyone 21 or Older, Can Buy Booze At Costco (sometimes 18 depending on country)

4.You Can Find Costco Internationally, Such As in Australia, South Korea, Japan, And France!

5.Members Can Cancel Their Membership At Any Time And Receive A Full Refund!

6.Costco is One Of The Nation’s Largest Pizza Chains

7.Employees Become Executive Members For Free

8.The Classic Hotdog & Soda Combo Has Remained At $1.50 Since It Was Introduced In The 80’s

9.There Are Purposefully No Signs To Encourage Shoppers To Wander The Aisles And Buy More Stuff

10.The Limited Selection Helps Reduce Labor Costs

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