10 Dreams That Forever Changed Society

10. E = mc squared
Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity changed the world of physics – and it came from a dream. Einstein dreamt he was sledding down a mountain, ever increasing speed until he nearly reached the speed of light. He noticed the stars looked different and this observation led him to the mathematics by which he figured out the famous formula.

9. Google
Yes, even the idea for our biggest search engine came from dreams. Founder Larry Page dreamt of Google, seeing that he & Sergey Brin could make a business by “downloading the entire web onto computers”.
8. Yesterday
Beyond having the most covers of any song in history, The Beatles’s song Yesterday came to Paul McCartney while dreaming. He woke up with the music in his head and wrote it out on the piano next to him.
7. The Terminator
With a fever spiking to 102°F (39°C), James Cameron had the idea of the Terminator in a dream (more like a nightmare). Cameron saw the metallic figure with piercing red eyes pulling itself up from a fire – not the kind of dream we’d want to have anytime soon.
6. Stephen King books
Global best-selling novelist Stephen King had many ideas come to him through dreams, including the books Misery and It. As King said: “I’ve always used dreams the way you’d use mirrors to look at something you couldn’t see head-on.”

5. Benzene
You might not know much about it, but benzene is a pretty important foundation in chemistry, partly responsible for cars, leather, and high schoolers dismay. Chemist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz’s dream of a snake biting its own tail in a hexagonal shape led to his discovery of the six-sided benzene.
4. Beethoven
Beethoven was rumoured to be a prolific dreamer, hearing many of his piano sonatas in his dreams and writing them out afterwards. Some historians even say his dreams featured instruments not yet invented. We’d love to hear his Symphony No. 5 on one of those!
3. Messiah
Not of the Christ variety here (though Mary did learn of Jesus’s coming through a dream) – composer George Frideric Handel came to an impasse when trying to finish his now-famous piece, Messiah. He claimed the ending for it came to him in a dream.

2. Caligula's assassination
Caligula, famous Roman emperor, dreamt of his death the night before it happened. In it, he met the god Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology) who proceeded to kick him from the heavens back to Earth. The next day, conspirators assassinated the emperor.
1. Madame C.J. Walker
The world’s first female American self-made millionaire, Madame C.J. Walker, made her fortune in the early 20th century cosmetics industry. A black man appeared to her in a dream and told her the mixture which would help her falling-out hair grow back in. It worked, and she enjoyed a lengthy career selling her cosmetics products.
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