10 Foods You Eat Wrong

10. Cupcakes
Everyone loves eating cupcakes because they’re so sweet but what most people do is eat the top part (icing) and then the bottom part(the cake). However, if you break the bottom part and then put it on top you create something like a cupcake sandwich which allows you enjoy it all at once.

9. Ketchup
Often times while ordering fast food ketchup comes with it but many times we don’t know were to put it in order to dip our fries in it. The truth is that usually the plastic holder that comes with the food or drinks is perfect for placing the ketchup on.
8. Leftover Pizza
What do you do if you ordered a lot of pizza that didn’t manage to finish and want to to eat the leftover the following day? Most people microwave it but what’s even better is putting the slices on top of each other in the waffler. This way the pizza will be as new and crispy.
7. Strawberries
Most people that enjoy straw have no clue about how to remove the inedible green part of it in turn wasting a lot of the strawberry. However, by using a straw to run it through the strawberry from the bottom as seen in the image, it’s easy to remove the green part.

6. Hot Dogs
Cutting the hot dogs into spiral is a perfect way to cook the sausages properly and make them even tastier while preparing the hot dogs. The easier way to do it is to run a stick through then and then cut in a spiral motion.
5. Sandwiches
Most people put circular ham, meat or cheese slices on square sandwich bread. This means that often part of the sandwich is just bread. To solve this, cut the slices in half and make place them so that they cover the whole bread. This will also keep the bread from getting soggy if you choose to put mayonnaise or other sauces later.
4. Ice Cream
Most people use spoons to serve ice cream. An even easier and less wasteful way to do it is to cut the ice cream with a knife into pieces. It’s very easy while it’s still frozen cold, and you’ll be able to control exactly how much you serve.
3. Salad
Putting salad in a jar is the most efficient way to take it with you wherever you want. Why? Because you put the dressing and other less absorbing ingredients in the bottom of the jar while keeping the rest at the top. This means nothing will get soggy until it’s time to eat, so you can take it with you everywhere. Just a shake and your salad is ready.

2. Bananas
Most people peel bananas opposite to how monkeys do it. The most convenient way is to pinch the bottom and then peel. It will be perfect and wont squash anything.
1. Toblerone
Finally we have Toblerone, one of the most popular types of chocolate. Most people try to break the triangle pieces to eat one at a time but find that it’s actually quite hard. The easiest and intended way to do it is to press with your thumb the peak of the triangle and then apply pressure down towards the rest of the chocolate instead of outwards.
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