10 Life Hacks That you Should know

1. Free Vending Machines
Lots of people would love to get food and drinks from the vending machines. However, some of them would want to get more out of it. Therefore, after inserting a bill to the slot, they would choose an item. However, they would stick their hand and push against the door to confuse it, causing the release of multiple items instead for the same price.

2. The Easy A
Students can get away with an easy A rating with a crazy essay hack that is untraceable. It can be done by first translating a copied piece from the Internet to any foreign language. Translate it back to English, and after correcting grammar issues, a new original essay is made.
3. Automated Call Machines
Bypassing automated call machines to get immediate attention on a call made is practically easy to do. All you need is to begin cussing on the line while the recorded voice is talking. Thus, the machine will flag this as an angry customer and will automatically put you on priority. Just avoid swearing when the real person comes in to take your call.

4. Cheap Stuff
Some people are able to create cheap versions of an item offered online that they want to buy at any time. As a result, other people would request to buy that version instead of the real thing. Moreover, some would actually hack the price of the product in order to save them money. After buying the product that they wanted, they would remove the post from the online shop.
5. Parking Tickets
Lots of people hate getting parking tickets. In fact, many wouldn’t consider paying them, and some would create a hack just to avoid from ever paying them. Fake evidence is one way, which is done by taking a photo of a nearby car with the same parking tickets on the windshield. This will serve as fake evidence to avoid paying a fine.
6. Free Resumes
Nobody will give free resumes for the job that you want to apply for. Therefore, some people would post a fake job online as an employer where many applicants would likely submit their resumes. They can use this as their own to submit to potential employers.
7. Free Money
Secondhand clothing stores or thrift shops are the best way to get free money. Some people even admit they have found more than $50 inside the pockets of clothes. Just make sure that you have indeed purchased the item and not just checking them out for money.

8. Cheap Organic Food
There is a hack for health nuts with looking to get cheaper food at the self-checkout counter. What they do is bring some organic food and select normal food when paying for it. The store staff might think that it is indeed normal food or might not notice it at all.
9. Lunch Money
Coupons and discount cards can help you get stuff at a cheaper price. For some though, they often volunteer to pick up lunch for their colleagues in the office. Instead of telling them about this great news about the discount, some people just take the money slashed down from their colleagues, making it a great hack to earn easy money.
10. Free eBooks
Some college students have found out to get easy hacks with eBook prices offered online. First thing is that they buy an eBook online and place it into a third-party software to create a copy. The original copy will then be returned and the money will be refunded.
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