10 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken

10. Passed by a Baseball by Kelly Nash
Nash, a reporter, was watching a batting practice at the Fenway Park when she decided to take a selfie. During this time, she did not realize a ball flying past her head. Later on, she said to only notice it when she texted the picture to her family.

9. Along a Railway by Jared Michael
This selfie was taken along a railway with a train zooming past Michael at full speed, just inches away from him. Basically, the train’s conductor was said to have kicked Michael in the head during mid-selfie in order to get him out of harm’s way.
8. the Splash Mountain in Disneyland by Monica Quintero
Normally, tourists had to pay to capture their ride experience, but others, such as Quintero, just stupidly want to capture the moment up close with a selfie. Most probably, she learned why it is prohibited to have loose items when riding through twist and turns.
7. Running with the Bulls in Spain by Anonymous
When taking part in one of the most epic events in the world, it is only natural for a person to want to document it. But in this case, it turns out that capturing a cool selfie could also risk getting trampled by an angry bull to death.
6. At the Rim of an Active Volcano Crater by George Kourounis
Kourounis, who is an adventurous photographer, truly seems like he could not resist getting an extreme selfie, which is apparent this time when he visits an active volcano crater. After climbing down nearly 1,200 feet down into it, he took the picture.

5. Atop a Building in Dubai by Mustang Wanted
Mustang Wanted is a known thrill-seeker that regularly posts extreme photos and videos taken atop buildings that he climbs without any safety gear. In this selfie taken by the expert balancer, you would see the insane level of risk that you would think not worth trying.
4. On the Princess Tower by Alexander Remnev
Remnev is an individual that is also known today for the hair-raising stunt photography he performs atop high-rise buildings. Now, this one that is taken atop the world’s tallest residential building is one of his most shared photos, featuring him with a brave friend.
3. Atop the Votive Church by Mustang Wanted
Another extreme and dangerous selfie taken by Mustang Wanted, this one shows him on top of the new Gothic church that rises 325 feet high, becoming one of his most liked stunts. The angle used here is a nauseating aerial-like shot, capturing the church building and the ground below.
2. Atop the Center Building in Hong Kong by Daniel Lau
This selfie is actually video that has already become viral, featuring 3 teens eating bananas while perched atop one of the tallest skyscrapers in Hong Kong, specifically 1,135 feet above the city. To produce it, Lau used a selfie stick tool and a wide-angle lens.

1. On Top of Christ the Redeemer by Lee Thompson
Thompson, who is founder of The Flash Pack (a British adventure travel company), convinced the tourist board in the country to let him climb this world-reknown landmark. Helped by a small team, it took him almost 30 minutes to reach the summit and take the selfie.
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