10 Most Popular Animals On Google Search

We love animals – there’s no denying it. But besides searching for Grumpy Cat or adorable pugs, we spend a lot of our time on the internet searching for animals. In this list, we bring you the most popular animals searched for or trending in the United States on Google from 2014 and also include some fun facts you can tell your friends. Dig in to this list of the top 10 most popular animals on Google.

10. Bison
Though it was the 129th most searched animal in 2014, the bison made the list of top 10 trending animals for the year. The American bison was almost hunted to extinction in the 1800’s but has since recovered, largely due to the commercial raising of bison for their meat.

9. Eagle
Though Americans are most familiar with the bald eagle, there are about 60 species of eagle in the world, mostly in Eurasia and Africa with 44 species. North America only has two resident eagle species; the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle.
8. Pony
A pony is a small horse but, contrary to popular thought, is not a baby or young horse. These horses likely developed their shorter legs, thicker manes, and smaller statures due to living on the fringes of livable horse habitat.
7. Cow
Sacred to Hindus, the cow is one of the most common types of livestock in the world. Bulls and other cattle are commonly thought to be angered by the colour red, however cattle are red-green colour-blind and can’t distinguish the colour. The rustling of a matador’s cape leads bulls to charge.

6. Duck
The feathered birds inhabiting much of our waterways, ducks are, in most cases, monogamous but only for a year – after the young are grown the couple often splits. The word duck originates from the Old English word *dūce meaning “diver”.
5. Gray Wolf
The gray wolf is different from other Canis members largely due to its more outgoing and expressive demeanor. The dog and gray wolf came from a similar ancestor about 15,000 years ago in Europe. The gray wolf is properly popular on Google: it’s one of the most well-researched animals in the world with one of the highest amounts of literature written about it.
4. Bird
Holding its position in the top 10 (along with the following six animals) since Google Trends started in 2004, the bird is one of the most common animals on the Earth today. Since the 1600’s, almost 130 bird species have gone extinct due to humans.
3. Bear
A lover of #5 on our list, the bear is a mostly solitary animal besides when courting or with young. Out of the eight species of bear, six are omnivorous; otherwise, the panda bear almost exclusively eats bamboo and the polar bear almost exclusively eats meat.

2. Horse
Used for millennia in war and labor, the horse originally had multiple toes (about 50 million years of evolution back). Most horses are domesticated and even the horses people refer to as wild are actually feral: their ancestors were domesticated by humans at some point and since escaped and lived in the wild. The only true wild horse is the Przewalski’s horse, a rare and endangered species recently reintroduced to the Mongolian steppes.
1. Cat
Though charting at the #2 spot on our list of the most popular animals on Google, the cat is the most popular pet in the world. Beyond being excellent companions, cats can see in near-darkness, making them top-notch hunters.
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