10 Of The Least Corrupt Countries In The World

Every year Transparency International ranks (most of) the countries in the world according to the amount of perceived corruption within their borders. One of the most telling results of the annual survey is the fact that no country receives a perfect score.
In fact, the highest score is 92/100 which was achieved by Denmark. After that, however, the rankings drop of fairly quickly as it seems that no country is exempt from the consequences of human nature. In spite of this, these are 10 of the least corrupt countries in the world.

10. Canada
Corruption has generally not been a problem in Canada but in recent years it has popped up a few times. The country does not have any significant anti-bribery measures in place and 30% of business executives claimed that bribery and corruption are an issue.
9. Luxembourg
Although corruption is generally very low, public perception of political parties is not very high and 53% of people saw them as being corrupt. There is also a relatively high level of business/political intermingling and no code of conduct addressing corrupt practices. As we said though, corruption remains low.
8. Netherlands
A culture of trust, an independent judiciary, and effective anti-corruption mechanisms all work together to create a culture where corruption is not much of a problem.
7. Singapore
Situated in a part of the world where corruption is often times taken for granted, Singapore’s harsh measures have pushed it far ahead of its neighbors when it comes to tackling corruption.

6. Switzerland
Although political parties are perceived by the public to be the most corrupt entity in the country, there is almost no hindrance to obtaining public services and most sectors are considered corruption free.
5. Norway
Administrative corruption and petty bribery are virtually unheard of. Companies and individuals can even be prosecuted for corruption offenses committed abroad.
4. Sweden
The legal and institutional framework in Sweden is considered very effective in fighting corruption and government agencies are characterized by a high degree of transparency.
3. Finland
With a virtually non-existent level of administrative corruption, citizens and business are unlikely to face corruption when dealing with public officials.

2. New Zealand
This Pacific nation is fairly consistently ranked just behind Denmark.
1. Denmark
With an active push for more transparency in politics along with increased corporate responsibility, Denmark is once again ranked as the least corrupt nation on Earth.
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