10 Of The Most Amazing People In The World

Each person has something that makes them unique and special. However, there are people you won’t believe actually exist in this world.
A bodybuilder with muscles like the Incredible Hulk, a girl with x-ray eyes, and even a woman who can lift weights with her hair and ears. This may sound to you like a comic book fiction, but these people do exist in real life.

Doctor NakaMats

Japanese inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu, also known as Doctor NakaMats, holds the world record for the most inventions including the PyonPyon spring shoes. Nakamatsu has been photographing and analyzing each meal he has eaten for 40-years.

Metal-Eating Man

Over the course of 40 years, Frenchman Michel Lotito consumed nine tons of metal. In his youth, Lotito suffered from a mental disorder known as pica, a disorder in which people compulsively consume non-edible items such as plastic. Once Lotito began experimenting with more harmful items, such as glass, he learned that the thick lining of his intestines and stomach allowed him to eat almost anything.

Iron Queen

Asha Rani has established two world records for raising weights with her hair and ears. The 23-year-old woman has been dubbed the Iron Queen because of her impressive strength.

Woman Who Can Remember Everything

Jill Price says that she can remember everything since her teen years such as who she met, what she ate and what time she awoke. Each detail about each day is locked in her brain and can be triggered by locations and smells.

Man Who Permanently Raised His Hand

In 1973, Sadhu Amar Bharati raised his arm in honor of Hindu god Shiva and he has not put it down since. Many of his followers have followed suit, lifting their own arms for decades.

World’s Longest Mustache

Ram Singh Chauhan, who hails from India, is the proud owner of the longest mustache in the world. Chauhan’s moustache is 4.29m long and he spends one hour each day combing and cleaning it.

X-Ray Eyes

Natasha Demkina from Russia claims to have X-ray-like vision, which allows her see inside of people, to make diagnoses that frequently are more accurate than those of physicians. She has a growing following of journalists, doctors and patients who are convinced her powers are genuine.

Devil Horns

In 2010, a Chinese woman named Zhang Ruifang surprised her family and friends when she made headlines for growing a horn on her forehead.

Bionic Woman

Eileen Brown, from England, has had several operations over the last 20 years. Brown’s only remaining natural joints are her left elbow and left hip.

Skydiving Granny

Georgina Harwood, 100, enjoyed skydiving in March this year in South Africa. This was the third time that the adventurous grandma has gone skydiving; she did her first jump at the age of 92.
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