10 Of The Worst Taxidermy Animals Ever Created

Whether you like taxidermy or not, it takes great talent to make a dead animal look alive again. Not all practitioners of taxidermy have talent though. Some should have their taxidermy licenses taken away for making such horrible specimens. It’s surprising that many of these ever saw the light of day!

If you need a good laugh, keep on reading to find some of the most outrageous stuffed animals you’ll ever see. From people’s pets to wild animals, bad taxidermy can be found all over.

A Two Headed Fish?
Wow, was this a catch of a lifetime? It’s more likely that someone went rogue with their taxidermy. Rogue taxidermy is popular, but a two headed calf is far more interesting than this fish.
The Overconfident Bobcat
The sign beside it says that it’s a bobcat, but it’s probably the goofiest bobcat you will ever see.
One Weird Weasel
This weasel kind of looks like it’s foaming at the mouth. It also looks like most of us on Monday mornings.

Is That A Canine?
The canine in the background looks like a coyote, missing his tail and ears. But who can guess what that first animal is? Maybe a bobcat/coyote cross breed?
Reason Number 100 Why Not To Use Googly Eyes
This owl had a chance of being an alright piece of taxidermy, until someone decided that googly eyes were a good idea.
We’re not sure if this cat is the one that’s surprised or if he was trying to surprise someone else.

Now That’s A Happy Dog
Some people try to teach their dog how to smile. This dog has been horribly immortalized with this smile. His owner probably wasn’t that happy when they got this back from the taxidermist.
Mountain Lion Dump
Possibly getting ready to leap on his prey, this cougar looks more like it’s squatting to poop out its last meal.
Huge Clawed Mystery Animal
This might be a koala gone horribly wrong. It’s really hard to tell, but look at those claws!

That’s One Wild Cat
This ocelot looks like it saw something pretty frightening. Maybe it was its own reflection in the mirror!
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