10 Problems Only Girls With Big Bums Will Understand

Humans mostly have quite a unique shaped body compared to most other animals. Even against chimps. But most of all, unlike animals, we humans have hips and buttocks that invite sexual attraction between men and women.
Some men love a nice round booty, yet a man will never understand the struggles that big booty may actually cause. So for the women who know the struggles, here is your story so that men can be educated!

Clothing Sizes

It is quite a fascinating thing to go shopping for clothes and never find anything that fits. Now a big bum and a tiny waist is possibly the worst combination for jeans since the size of your butt makes your waist too small. So clothing alterations need to be done, and let's face it, that costs us more money.

Time Spent On Pulling Up Your Pants

With a small waist and a big bum in the way of it, pulling your pants up becomes quite a struggle that takes so much time that just going to the toilet becomes a little bit embarrassing. And when you are on a date, you don't want your date to think you are going number 2
Sitting on certain surfaces ends up being rather uncomfortable, such as stools or even ledges which also creates a certain level of awareness of your clothes and the spaces occupied by your pillion.
Bike Rides
Also, riding on bikes or even just sitting on a couch wearing certain hippie like clothing can get very revealing considering the bodily dimensions with a large bottom.
Clothes Riding Up
With every action or move you make, your shorts or skirt, depending on what you are wearing rides up, even causing to wedgie yourself. This leads you from being cute to slutty faster than you realize!


Nothing is more insulting than being stereotyped as being a great twerker only because of the size of your behind. Twerking is not easy, no matter what size a person is.
Knocking Things Over

It proves embarrassing trying to squeeze past tight spaces a tiny person can easily move through, especially when your butt bumps glass on tables and whatnot down, spilling everywhere!
The Teasing

You may have a big beautiful hiney, but because it stands out so much, especially if you wear certain types of clothing, then your friends tend to tease you about it, and sometimes that does just get a bit too much!

Always The Bum

If you have a loved one, 10 to 1, they were attracted to your butt, and that is always the first place their hands go to! So just accept it.
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