10 Tips To Spot FAKE Products

10. Earpods

You might have used Apple earpods at least once in your life. However, there are such products sold online with questionable durability.
When you come cross a pair of earpods that quickly break or lose flexibility, then you must be a victim of fake products. Most of them are sold at a very cheap price.

One highly-regarded piece of footwear is Kanye West’s Yeezys. However, not all shoes of this type sold in the market are genuine. One famous point to tell that it’s fake are the stitches, which should be square and not oval shaped. Likewise, the logos should also be embossed on the side, rather than just printed on.
USB Cables
You might be surprised when you discover that the USB cable you are using is fake. One of the indicators that it is fake is the printed logo in front of the cable, which should be small and gray, rather than bold and large. At the same time, your USB cable is fake if there is any gap between the cable and USB plug.

There are lots of companies that produce fake Vans shoes. However, if you have bought one, try to look at the underside of your shoes if you can see a change of pattern down the end of the shoe. Likewise, it should have a small steel seal at the underside if it’s genuine.
Although less fashionable these days, cigars are still seen as a luxury product. However, there are some companies that produce fake cigars. You can notice this by looking at the label on each cigar with embossed markings, rather than using cheap materials. Wrappings might also be obviously handmade rather than an expensive machine.
One of the most successful sneaker brands worldwide are the Jordans. However, due to its expensive price, people might settle for fake products instead. You can notice this by looking at the materials, such as the main part of the shoe, which might be made out of a shiny piece of plastic in contrast to the pure genuine leather.

Fake chargers can cause fires and damage to property. Thus, you must know which one is fake and genuine by looking at the signs. Charger pins in fake products are left with no plastic rings wrapped around at its base.
Ugg Boots
This type of footwear is designed for women. However, some manufacturers produce fake Ugg boots to fool the buying public. If you can bend it easily at the tip, then it is genuine. Likewise, it has a fur-like design at the rim of the boots, tinted in a shade of brown and not plain white.
Lots of products have been made by Samsung. However, you can spot a fake easily if you know the bits and pieces of information. For instance, if you find the A in the word SAMSUNG to be thickly designed, then it is fake indeed. The genuine brand logo uses thin typography.
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