10 Years Ago, She Was Injected With Cement And The Work Done To Fix Her Face Is Incredible

It’s 2016 and we are no strangers to plastic surgery. Every other face on Instagram has had something done to it. Lip fillers, botox, face lifts and chemical peels are all the rage.
Beauty has become liquid and totally immeasurable because behind every great face is an even greater cosmetic surgeon. We begin to believe that perfection is attainable and everyone can have it; all you need is enough money and the guts to let a “professional” loose on your face.

With the number of cosmetic procedures increasing by the minute, the number of mistakes are as well.

A whole nation of men and women are walking around the streets with botched faces and surgery regrets. One such woman was Rajee Narinesingh, a transgender woman who is renowned for having fallen victim to the "toxic tush doctor".

Her surgeon, whose real name was Oneal Ron Morris, pumped Rajee's face with black market injections in 2005.

The injections were done at a "pumping party" and instead of receiving actual fillers, Rajee was unknowingly injected with tire sealant and cement.

Now, with the help of board-certified medical professionals, Rajee has been given a new face.

After years of suffering with hard lumps in her face which doctors refused to touch, Rajee has been given a reason to smile again. She explained how her botched procedure made her feel: "I felt like a monster, a sideshow circus clown". For years, she didn't have the confidence to leave her house or enjoy her life but thankfully surgeon Dr John Martin agreed to help.

Most importantly, Rajee is delighted to have a second chance and a second lease on life: "It's a pretty major improvement."

she stated. "I look in the mirror and think, wow. I'm excited about the future and the wonderful possibilities it holds for me. The men situation is better. I'm getting approached a lot more, and they seem to be really attracted to me."

Rajee also says that she wants to speak out about the dangers of undertaking unlicensed medical procedures.

Her initial surgeon, Morris, has since been arrested for practising medicine without a licence. Tragically, one of her clients died after a procedure and Morris was jailed for manslaughter.
With surgery becoming massively popular in the celebrity world, it is often hard to remember how some of the biggest names in showbiz looked before they went under the surgeon's knife.

Joan Van Ark

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Lil Kim

Mickey Rourke

10 Years Ago, She Was Injected With Cement And The Work Done To Fix Her Face Is Incredible 10 Years Ago, She Was Injected With Cement And The Work Done To Fix Her Face Is Incredible Reviewed by 1 on April 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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