12 Things You Must Never Question Your Man If You Desire An Everlasting Relationship

In today’s time, relationships are fairly a serious romantic process, which is beyond dating or a friendship connection. People crave to be in a relationship that has a meaningful connection with a lasting future. Therefore, you have to be careful with every question you ask your man if you desire an everlasting relationship.

Because men are very fixed in their mind compared to women, who have a fairly clear idea of what their romantic ideal is and should be. So dear ladies, try and be extra cautious, patience and understanding when you question the man, with whom you desire an everlasting relationship. Otherwise, the answer will be a one-way ticket to Venus because that’s where you come from.

1. How deep is your love for me?

This is one question, girls have been trying to ask down the years, to know how deeply does their man love them? Sadly, these girls fail to fathom out that men will be men, they will never be able to give a concrete answer, even though they desire and love them thoroughly. And this will only make you look flimsy and annoy him.

2. What all can you sacrifice for me?

Do not make the mistake of deleting his hobbies or interests from his life because no one can replace it. The moment you question him this, expect all your everlasting dreams and desire to collapse, henceforth. Let nature takes its own course, gradually. In fact, your mutual support and respect will be highly appreciated by him.

3. Are your parents gonna live with us after marriage?

This is a very sensitive question, regarding his parents, as a matter of fact, it’s for everybody. Nobody wants to part with their parents if they share a fantastic bond. This will label you as a selfish woman and at the same time hurt him. Allow things to settle and change with time between you, him and his parents for the better.

4. Was she better than me?

Never go into a comparison debate, whether his ex-was better than you? It will be a very baseless thing to ask because this question is not relevant at a moment when he is with you. By you asking, it means that you suffer from a complex and your man finds this whole thing senseless.

5. What are the changes you wanna see in me?

Why do you ask this? When he is with you, isn’t that enough proof that he accepts you as you are. So, why get excited about changing yourself if he hasn’t figured out or pointed out the defect. Do not randomly create a crisis in his life with such questions, that will hamper your chances of an everlasting relationship.

6. Is it me or your best friend?

Try not to give him such choices, that will get him all confused. A best friend and a girlfriend are two different categories altogether, neither can take each other’s place. Both have their own individual status, purpose, and function in his life. Don’t create a traffic jam for him.

7. Prove, how much you love me?

How do you want him to prove, by jumping off the cliff? Ridiculous question to ask. He proves it to you by being loyal, caring, giving you enough time and making an honest effort to take the relationship to the next level, what more do you expect? It seems, somewhere you’re losing the romantic touch. Do a self-check.

8. Tell me that special thing you find in me?

This is a very calculative question because that’s what women are. Men aren’t good at analyzing such things categorically. Well, he just loves you because he finds you beautiful, you have a good heart, he gels with you easily, you make him laugh, and he feels comfortable with you. That’s it! Don’t expect him to be precise with your list.

9. Can we still be friends?

You cannot expect your man to jump from the love zone to a friend zone, after a break-up. He needs time to overcome the falling apart emotions and recover from the crisis, which you have brought to his life and yet expecting him to remain as friends with you. This is the height of insanity.

10. Will you get into a relationship when I go away from your life?

If you wish to see your man suffering then ask him this, otherwise, don’t. An answer, which is unexplainable and neither can you give it yourself then why to ask? No one can predict the future, whether he will remain single or not, that time will tell. So, don’t spoil the existing romantic atmosphere with such silly questions.

11. Do you remember the date we first kissed?

Every little moment for you may be a celebration, whether it’s the first coffee, first kiss, first hug, or the first movie. But for him, he is a total failure in this department. Consider yourself fortunate if he surprises you with a gift on the anniversary of the first coffee or the kissing date. He doesn’t have the time for all these things.

12. Am I turning fat?

This will put your man in a very embarrassing spot, by asking him to define your body shape, that too even about becoming fat. You can be prepared for a blunt answer, which may hurt you, if he honestly answers, otherwise, skip this question of seeking his approval and escape embarrassment.

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