Many of us are out here living our best lives, while trying to make sense of the world. Looking at these pictures will not help you find any meaning, and they will probably just leave you thinking, "How do we live in a world where this is possible?" Leave your inner-pondering for another day, and just sit back and enjoy this show of ridiculous, and odd fails.
Check out 13 hilarious pictures of people failing in spectacular fashion. Be sure to let us know in the comments which one you liked the best.

1. How did this truck get this much air?
2. Man overboard!
3. Russian grocery stores

4. Is this safe for the road?
5. His wife is sending a clear message
6. When your chair just gives up
7. So what CAN you do in this pool?

8. Yield before merging...or don't
9. Sewer system
10. Every penny counts...except pennies, they don't count

11. Me, waiting for my Amazon delivery
12. New skylight
13. Hope no one was on the trampoline when this happened

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