It's a strange and crazy world we live in, and some things out there truly defy explanation. The pictures below fall into that category. You will definitely laugh, but you'll also scratch your head, and a few of these will even make you stop and think.
At times, things seem truly random, and we struggle to comprehend why something happened like it did - these are those times.
Check out 14 hilarious and odd photos that will get you laughing...and wondering. Be sure to leave a comment of which one you liked the best.

1. "I just gotta rest my eyes for a bit"
2. Gravity defying

3. Big ball of fluff
4. Home wrecker
5. Both of them are fishing

6. How not to sit...
7. Made from real gingers
8. Does anyone else's dog do this?
9. A monster did this

10. Don't stop animal testing (like this)
11. Perpendicular Parking
12. Savage reason to bring someone to court
13. I thought we had an agreement?

14. Just stay still till they leave

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