These terrifying pictures will make you think twice before you go swimming. You never know what lies under the deep, scary waters. Yes, snakes are one possibility.

1. You can almost hear a horror movie soundtrack.

2. It’s like the door to Hell.

3. What does it eat? Humans and boats?

4. Huge snakes underwater? Nothing to do here!

5. Probably the last thing you’d want to catch.

6. Holy sh*t!

7. Like we said: huge water snakes are a thing.

8. Chill, it’s just a friendly enormous fish!

9. Swim, swim fast for your life!

10. Such a friendly face!

11. Just get out already!

12. Nope. I’m never surfing again.

13. That’s just algae, but it still looks terrifying.

14. O.M.G.

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