15 People Who Deserved Every Ounce Of Karma That They Got

Karma, in Buddhism, is the sum of a person’s actions in all states of existence—both present and past—that is viewed as the deciding factor for their fate in future existences. An informal definition of karma would be destiny or fate.
As much as everyone wants all karma that exists in the universe to just exclusively be good karma, that will never be the case. With the way the world is spiralling out of control, people are treating each other worse and worse. One of the few ways the world is redeemed is by believing that people who do horrible things will eventually get what’s coming to them. Here are 15 of the best examples of people getting a taste of their own medicine.
Assassin For Hire

Twitter is definitely a game-changer when it comes to expressing oneself. People send out non-sense tweets into the realm of the Internet without thinking it through, and they would every single minute if they could. Like this genius who made a tweet saying that if he gets 100 retweets he will kill the president. The tweet’s date said February 9, 2016, which means Obama was still in office at the time. Not even 30 minutes later, he makes another tweet saying that there are cops outside his house. Followers were probably quick to report him to the cops or maybe the cops had “kill the president” on Google alert. The last tweet he made was him riding a cop car, apparently being taken to jail. Good.
The Tables Have Turned

One of the fantasies most people who were bullied as kids have is to see their tormenter as an adult and see them fail horribly at life. That may seem selfish, but for many of those who were victims of bullying, properly reconciling with their fear of these people could take them their entire lives.
Some bullies become very successful people when they grow up while others aren’t so lucky.
This guy on Facebook shared his experience, stating that until this very day, his bully still takes his lunch money just like he did when they were still kids. He is quick to say that, on the bright side, his bully makes great Subway sandwiches. He is living the dream of every single bullied kid.

There is a special place in hell for rapists. We can only hope that in this special corner of hell, the torture these monsters are constantly put through involve needles, hot steel rods, hedge clippers, lava, hammers, boiling water, wood chippers and human-sized microwaves. The kind of evil one has inside them to be able to do that act to their victim is reprehensible and can never ever be forgiven. Sometimes, though, even before these rapists get to hell, karma already gives them a lovely surprise. Like this rapist who did not know his victim had HIV. People would pay a lot of money to be able to sit in the same room with him when the doctor finally comes in and tells him that he contracted the disease.
Bad Luck Truck

It’s been known for a while now that some people who have large trucks—which they don’t exactly need for work but just really want—are people who may have something they need to compensate for.
The larger the truck and the higher and bigger the wheels are, the better they feel about themselves.
This man on Facebook posted a picture of his truck with a caption saying that trucks are taking over the roads and that they are “mobbing” the roads at 60 while other people’s cars are at 20. A mere two hours after that post, he posted another picture with the same truck totaled on the side of the road captioned only with “Rip.” Hope he had good insurance because he truly needed it.
Who’s The Boss Now?

A little goes a long way when it comes to being a decent human being. As the old adage goes, “A person who is not nice to the waiter but is nice to you is not a nice person.” You never know when the tides will turn and you may end up on the side of the people you wronged sooner than you think. Take the subject of this man’s tweet, for example. The subject, which is another man, stole a parking space from Twitter user Sean Sparling. On top of that, the man told Sean to f---k off. Luckily, karma caught up pretty fast, because this parking space thief showed up to Sean’s office for a job interview. He didn’t get the job, for sure.
Road Trip To Fail

From what we’ve seen so far, every time a crime has been documented online by the perpetrator, that person is always caught and sent to jail. No one who has a fully functioning human brain would ever document themselves committing a crime online, obviously because they’d just be providing the entire world with evidence that’d be needed to get them arrested.
Even a child would know this was stupid.
These two women posted a Facebook status about stealing a car and going on a road trip. They flat out captioned it with a confession and they were even proud of what they did. Naturally, they were arrested and taken to jail. Whether they thought there was gonna be a different outcome for their actions, we’ll never know.
Peanut Butter Surprise

One of the things people hate the most about having roommates is the fact that they often have difficulty respecting personal boundaries. It goes without saying, but if you live with other people and you all share a common kitchen and one fridge where everyone keeps their food, you shouldn’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you. The person this letter was addressed to doesn’t seem like the best roommate there is because he apparently stole and ate what he thought was two peanut butter ice cream bars. Unfortunately for him, the owner of the food clarified that it wasn’t what he thought it was, and that it was, in fact, laxatives for his dog he needed to keep frozen. This is why you shouldn’t steal things, folks.
Buzzed On Lemonade

We all have that one friend who just wants to belong so badly. They’re usually the one who’s quick to post a status on social media saying that they’re having so much fun and they tag all their cool friends just to make themselves look cool. It’s pretty pathetic. Like this guy, who posted a picture of empty beer cans with a caption saying that he drank all that beer during an epic night out and that he’s currently paying for it with a hangover. Unfortunately for him, someone who was at the party that night called him out and told everyone that all he drank was a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which he sipped on all night and he didn’t have a single drop of beer.
Evidence Served On a Plate

The sweet taste of karma is most delicious when the victim knows for sure he’s going to be able to serve that karmic justice soon. Like this person who was hit by a taxi when he was on his bicycle. The taxi driver did not even stop and get out of his taxi to see if the guy on the bicycle was okay or if he needed any help. Instead, he high tailed right out of the scene of the crime. Fortunately, the bicyclist didn’t seem to have sustained any major injuries and the cherry on top of the icing on the cake of his good luck is that the taxi’s plate number fell off when he hit the bicycle and now the victim has cold hard evidence.
Read Between The Lines

Many people get pissed off really easily with drivers who do not know how and where to park. Especially drivers who, despite having so many parking spaces to choose from, still manage to mess up parking when it’s supposed to be very simple. Like this guy who parked horribly in a mostly empty parking lot which made him fall victim to several people who wanted to teach him a lesson. One by one the people that came to the parking lot parked their vehicle right next to this driver’s car to make a barricade to prevent him from being able to leave the parking lot. It’s a perfectly executed and very petty show of revenge and karma, but it is also incredibly funny and satisfying.
An Even Trade

It’s human instinct to try and help people in need. However, some people are quick to abuse this instinct, discouraging most people from helping and making them develop a tendency towards ignoring those who are in need. Like this guy who picked up a hitchhiker. He ranted that the hitchhiker, despite getting a ride for free, stole his pack of cigarettes. Fortunately for the good Samaritan, the hitchhiker left his backpack in the truck, which contained all of his things. The hitchhiker was shown an act of kindness but repaid it by stealing from the person who helped him. Karma has a special way of dealing with people who bite the hand that feeds them. The hitchhiker basically traded all his things for a pack of cigarettes.
Sugar Overload

We’ve all done very questionable things while drunk. We’ve all done several borderline criminal activities while pumped full of vodka on a Friday night out with friends. But very seldom are we unlucky enough to not only get caught red-handed but to also get called out on social media when we thought that what we did was pretty slick.
Like this woman who got burned on a club’s Facebook page for stealing what she thought was alcohol behind the bar.
What she actually grabbed was a bottle of Grenadine, which she hurriedly guzzled down. The club knew who she was, and they also pointed out that she only cost them two bucks but the laughs she gave them were priceless. Best part? She drank about 600 calories of sugar.
Brag Snag

The number of cases where people have lost large amounts of money because of a slip-up on social media is probably in the thousands. Here we have one case wherein a former headmaster at a prep school recently won a settlement in a lawsuit against his employer. He accused the school of age discrimination and he won a settlement of $80,000. However, the agreement contained a confidentiality clause meaning neither party could talk about the case in public. The former headmaster unfortunately forgot to sit his daughter down and tell her the consequences if she ever talked about it. She basically told the whole world that because his dad won a hefty settlement, the school was going to pay for her vacation to Europe. Well, that vacation’s not happening anymore, honey.
Sweet Justice

Some people take pleasure in inflicting pain on other people. Especially people who have been conditioned early on to dispense hate onto people who aren’t even doing anything to them. Like this man who is a known homophobe. He’s been known to beat up homosexuals on a regular basis just because he has some type of irrational hatred towards people he feels are different from him. The karma train came back for him at full speed. The last time he beat up a homosexual, his hands got cut, allowing for that man’s blood to find its way into said cuts. Well, that man has AIDS, and so does the homophobe now. It must’ve been devastating when the homophobe got the test results, but we can’t say we feel bad for him.
Vandalism Schism

Teenage vandals think they’re pretty clever. They’re convinced that rebelling is what’ll make them look cool and conforming is for nerds and losers. Here we have a picture of a flyer that was put up at a high school where the school’s book club is encouraging grade 10 to 12 students to give joining the book club a try. A vandal wrote “no thank’s” on it, putting a possessive apostrophe in the word thanks. Miss D, who we can assume is part of the book club, decided to point out the vandal’s wrong usage of the possessive apostrophe and then sealed that burn by saying maybe joining the book club might not be a bad idea for our mystery vandal. It’s a simple, motivational and awesome call-out.
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