15 Photos So Funny, It Made Us Spit Out Our Coffee

Everybody loves a funny photo. With the national news spews out endless anguishing stories of crime, economical crisis and political issues, nothing lights us up better than a hilarious picture on our favorite social media platforms.
Human beings are visual creatures. That's why it's always better to fill our minds with positive images that spike our dopamine levels rather than suppress them with a depressing image. Nothing gets those dopamine levels surging more than a good laugh in the morning.
So grab a coffee, sit down and take a look through these 15 hysterical pictures that will have people laughing out loud. Watch out, they may even make some people spit out their cup of Joe.

15 Wouldn't your reaction be the same?

If we saw this when we looked in the mirror, we think we'd have the same reaction. We can't imagine how horrifying it must be for this little guy to see himself with those big arched brows. They give him a look of constant surprise (never a good look.) Someone has obviously drawn on these eyebrows. No baby is born with such horrific and hairy features. One of the parents probably thought it would be funny to draw eyebrows onto their baby boy and, well, they were definitely right. This baby looks hilarious and also a little scary. It doesn't help that he's pulling that terrified face. It gives you the feeling he can actually see his own reflection and how terrifying he looks with those bushy brows.

14 A passenger's worst nightmare

Whether or not you're a nervous flyer, no passenger wants to see their pilot through their window. You sit by the window so you can see an excellent birds-eye view of the landscape below. You don't sit by the window to see a man holding a sign saying ''I was your pilot.'' Can you imagine how terrifying it must be to see such a thing? Of course, this has got to be a joke. It was actually a skydive picture that was taken as a prank to fool people into thinking this really was someone's pilot. Naturally, the picture went viral. It was a really smart idea and absolutely hilarious as much as it is terrifying. Hopefully we'll never see such a sight in real life. There's no telling how we'd react if we did.

13 Ingenious!

If there's something you can learn from this picture, it's never to demand your wife to make you a sandwich. You only have to see what happened to this guy to know that it's not a smart move. Whoever made this picture did an amazing job and they certainly achieved what they set out to do (we are laughing out loud over here). The image of a baguette going straight through this guy's head looks hilarious. No doubt this image went viral. What makes it even more hilarious is the caption over it. He would never demand she make him a sandwich again now that she's driven a giant baguette through his head. If that didn't make you spit out your coffee, we don't know what will.

12 Harry Potter fans will understand

Someone taped over the Pope's funeral on their VHS with Harry Potter and the image is hilarious. Only Harry Potter fans will understand why someone would have done this. If you're a lover of the wizarding world yourself, then you will no doubt resonate with the owner of this video tape. As interesting as the Pope's funeral may be, you're not going to want to watch it again and again, are you? It is a bit morbid. But any Harry Potter fan could watch any of the movies over and over again without tiring of it. It may be a little distasteful, but you have got to admit that you find this just as hilarious as the rest of us. And someone obviously knew we'd find it funny, otherwise they wouldn't have posted the image online.

11 Good to know

If you've eaten at Bar 40 Grill before and you weren't impressed with the food, you'll be happy to know that they now serve good food. How do we know? Because they wrote it on the billboard outside of the restaurant. We aren't sure whether it was a mistake or intentional. Either way, it doesn't look good. When they say they now serve good food, it makes us wonder how bad the food was before and if it really is any better. It would have been far smarter on their behalf if they had removed the ''now'' from the sentence. Or maybe it's just better to remove the entire sentence. Of course it's not funny for this company, but at least we get a good giggle over it.

10 Pinterest procrastination

It's a global epidemic. You start off the day with a list of things you need to do and you don't doubt that they're going to get done. Then, you log on to Pinterest and....well, that's when the motivation to do those other tasks like washing dishes and cleaning just kind of drop. Before you know it, you've spent countless hours browsing images on Pinterest and nothing has been done. You are left with piles and piles of dirty dishes. Maybe you got a little creative and did some cooking after you drew inspiration from Pinterest pictures. But then it was back to Pinterest again. See, if you want a productive day, it is never a good idea to go on to Pinterest in the morning. Unless you have willpower of steel that is.

9 This sign definitely gets your attention

Usually when we see signs, we tend to ignore them if they don't stand out to us. This sign, on the other hand, caught our attention right away—and held it too! Maybe it has something to do with the ''little orange stinkbombs'' part, delivered in bold orange, which instantly captures our curiosity. What are these little orange stinkbombs to which they refer? Read on and you will discover that they are actually ginkgo fruit. The person who wrote this wants to inform people that if you stand on the fruit, your shoes will smell like vomit and people around you will avoid you at all costs. It's nice of somebody to let locals know, but hilarious nonetheless because of the subject matter as a whole.

8 How did that happen?

We really do not know how these things happen. How could someone have placed an exit sign above a door which actually is not an exit? If you read the sign on the door, you will see that it is not an exit. Yet, somehow, the sign above the door insinuates that it is in fact an exit. How did that end up happening? As stupid as it is and looks, it is also hilarious. The stupidity of it is really what makes it so funny. The fact that someone would put an exit sign above a door that claims not to be an exit is ridiculous yet hysterical. Can you imagine if you were seeing this in real life? You're looking for the exit, you see the exit from afar and then, when you reach the ''exit'' door, you discover that it isn't in fact the exit door.

7 Dangerous dog alert

When you see warning sign with a picture of a dog on it, you expect to face a scary, dangerous dog on the other side of it. When you see a cute little white fluffy dog on the other side of the sign, like this one, you can't help but laugh out loud. This dog is anything but dangerous. He certainly doesn't warrant one of those dangerous dog alert signs. You know what would be even more hilarious? If he was wearing a muzzle. Usually it's just the vicious dogs that are prone to biting that have to wear a muzzle. We can't imagine this cute little dog needing one though. He looks too sweet to bite anyone. Still, sometimes it's the small ones you have to look out for.

6 A husband daycare center?

This restaurant probably offended a lot of husbands by hanging up this sign. Still, we can't help but find it hilarious. We're not going to lie, it's not the best method of advertising in the world, but the most important thing is that it's hysterical. This restaurant is obviously advertising to wives who want a break from their husbands. All they need to do is pay for their husband's drinks and they've got themselves a babysitter. It's got to be the most affordable day care around. With so much competition in the food industry, companies have to find a unique way of advertising their company and this is just as unique as it is funny. They didn't do a bad job. It's definitely something that stays in your head.

5 Now that's a baby with a grudge

See the look on that baby's face. He looks like he's holding a real grudge here. Most baby pictures look sweet and cute. The baby is usually smiling, looking all happy and amused at its big new world. But the baby picture is like nothing we've seen before. This kid looks like he's holding some kind of deep resentment and like he's got a huge grudge against the world. Okay, so we know the world's not great and all, but cut it some slack, baby. You just entered the world, after all. You haven't even faced any difficulties just yet. What could there be to be so angry about? If he's unhappy now, just think how unhappy he's going to be in several years or more. We don't envy the parents, that's for sure.

4 When the advertisement didn't go as planned

This badly designed Coca-Cola delivery truck is doing the brand's reputation no favors. Still, as bad as it looks, we can't help but find it hilarious to look at. Originally, this advertisement was probably supposed to show a pretty young girl holding a bottle of coke. Thanks to the bad design of the truck's doors, she looks pretty terrifying instead. We can't imagine Coca-Cola would be too happy to see this mess. Someone was clearly responsible for making this terrible blunder and it doesn't look good on Coca-Cola's part, does it? Nonetheless, it is always funny to see such pictures. For a company with normally flawless advertisements, it's hilarious to see this major mishap. At least the soda bottle is easy to decipher, though, even if the girl isn't.

3 We need a pair of scissors over here

This alpaca looks like he is in desperate need of a haircut. Those bangs look like the most frustrating thing in the world. They must drive him crazy. We know if our bangs are a little outgrown the desperation of an appointment with the hairdresser. But for this guy who can't just go out or pick up the phone to book a haircut, it must be really annoying having to deal with that curly mop of hair covering his eyes. We know some people pay to have their hair cut in a similar style, but frankly we've never understood it. Not only does it look totally uncomfortable, it just doesn't look good. We don't trust a person whose eyes we cannot see. Let us see your eyes, alpaca.

2 Relatable

Have you ever noticed how the TV cooks make it look easy? Take this Betty Crocker train cake, for instance. It looks so perfect and reminiscent of a real-life train. You follow the recipe, you follow every word she says, and then it ends up turning out like the second picture. You can see that they were attempting to make it look like a train, but they failed somewhere along the way. Somehow, something went wrong along the way, and it didn't end up looking anything like Betty Crocker's cake. At least this person found the funny side of things, like we did, by sarcastically writing ''nailed it'' across the picture. Sometimes, you've got to just find the funny side of your failures.

1 She looks like she could use some help

This cow looks like she's got herself into a bit of a pickle. She was obviously trying to climb over the gate and then this happened. This conjures up memories of when we were kids. Remember how you'd get all adventurous, climbing over things, until eventually you found yourself stuck in some uncomfortable position which required the help of an adult to set you free? Seeing this image is reminding us of those memories. Still, as hilarious as this image looks (as well as the connotations it holds), we kind of feel sorry for this poor cow. Someone really ought to help her. It doesn't exactly look like the most comfortable position. But we have a strong feeling it's going to require the strength of more than one person.
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