Behind the majority of great pictures there's a skilled and creative photographer, but how creative can they get?
Sure, nowadays digital manipulation is a big part of the final image but a lot of photographers still use physical work in ways that the rest of us couldn't even come up with.
We gotta give a credit to this artists, for going through all of their problems to take this amazing photos.
Here are 15 reasons you shouldn't really trust the social media photos, and the explanation how are they actually made. Enjoy!

1 The beauty in the bushes
2 Ok, this is a little bit too much
3 Yup, this is how it's done, and the line to get it done is amazing

4 You can't just unsee it!
5 The perspective is everything
6 This pic will make you hungry for shrimp

7 Just amazing
8 Original gangsta'!
9 What a nice photo you've got there
10 Reality vs real pic

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