16 Unnecessary Things We Still Kinda Love

What kind of a life would it be if we only ever bought the things that we needed, and never the things that we wanted? In a word, depressing.

You've gotta have some fun in your life! Get carried away, make your strange dreams a reality, make something weird — or, at worst, buy someone else's odd creation. Life's too short not to!

1. I don't know what kind of meat is on that grill, and at this point, I'm afraid to ask.

But you would sure know who your true friends were if they came to your barbecue and didn't leave early.

2. That map — but as a sweater.

Cars not included, I'm sure, but something tells me that within minutes of donning this beauty, a horde of overjoyed man-children would be running Hot Wheels all over your torso.

3. When you want to slip into something more comfortable, it's hard to do better than worn jeans in couch form.

Actually, the pockets and the studs must be horribly uncomfortable. But still, it's a nice conversation piece?

4. I see the arm is the chimney, but I have no idea what the function of that shovel is.

Although I'm not sure it matters. It's not going anywhere anyway.

5. Truly, this is the king of urinals.

I never imagined a man would be able to stride up to such a regal device for such an ignoble purpose, but clearly somebody dreams bigger and better than I do, and they made it come to life.

6. Now that is some sweet style.

I know it looks tacky and semi-professional, but I still want to try on an Adidas suit of my own. It could very well be the slickest suit ever.

7. This flamingo chair would almost have to be more cozy than it looks, right?

Honestly, I would be terrified of liking this too much and waking up from a nap with a flamingo head staring me in the eye.

8. Ladies, if you want to get some looks for your handbag as you walk down the street, you could do worse than this.

You have to admit, it really catches the eye.

9. Weird. Usually it's teapots that get cozies, not coffee makers.

My only reservation is that it would probably be annoying to clean. Otherwise, it can happily sit on my counter.

10. You know, it's kinda genius to make a fountain out of kiddie pools.

It's a fountain you can deflate for the winter! And it's much easier to repair than a stone fountain.

11. Have Zippo lighters actually achieved their final form?

Because what could possibly top the fedora-wearing neckbeard lighter?
Girls, how hard would you laugh if some dude whipped this out to give m'lady a light?

12. Some will call this glowing bow tie the worst ever, but they clearly aren't Tron fans.

I think this thing is the future of formal wear, and now I want one.

13. Oh man, these are the greatest throw pillows to ever grace a couch.

I need one each of Harrison Ford, Scott Bakula, and Michael Dudikoff to make the '80s really come alive again.

14. Campbell's tomato soup Chucks are the comfort food of footwear.

I mean, we all know Chuck's are the least comfortable sneakers in the world, so they may as well look unique.

15. This lobster bike is not the worst mod I've ever seen.

Not sure how those antennae handlebars would perform in traffic, but it's still a fresh, well done bike mod.

16. Shoes and seafood combined!

This shoe-themed sushi — or shoe-shi, if you will, hey-o — almost looks too masterfully done to eat. But I would absolutely eat it all anyway, because I'm like that.

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