These hilarious eighteen pictures show how careless some men’s are when it comes to their lifes and yet to prove why women’s live longer than some mens.

1 – They don’t buy crossbows for their children

2 – They know assistance can be overrated
3 – They don’t pretend to be someone they aren’t
4 – They know the shade is not always cooler
5 – They don’t over exaggerate things

6 – They don’t treat their vehicles as if they were a friend
7 – They might have sticks up their backs, but not like this
8 – They don’t rely on this form of support
9 – They know DIY has its limits

10 – They can handle multitasking
11 – They know protective gear is not an accessory
12 – They don’t play on trampoline on the roof
13 – They know DIY has it’s limits

14 – They know that they can’t ride a broom
15 – They don’t use their friends backs to cut stones
16 – They don’t hold power tools between their legs

17 – They don’t drill backward in their underpants
18 – They don’t pass furniture down the window

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