4 Celeb Looks Nobody Else Could Pull Off

Adele’s Floral Dresses
Floral dresses have actually made a comeback in recent fashion trends, but we’re still convinced that nobody could pull one off like Adele can. She’s a fan of the look, wearing a now famous Dolce & Gabbana floral gown in her "Send My Love" video, and a red Valentino floral dress to the Grammys in 2013.
We’ve seen others wearing similar dresses, including models on the runway, and we’re yet to see somebody who makes them look good as our gal Adele! It’s just her thing now. Floral dresses have a tendency to be busy and in-your-face, but Adele totally manages to work past all of that every single time. It must have something to do with her overall sophisticated vibe -- the winged liner, and classic Hollywood blonde hair. Plus, they match her brilliant personality. Others might be able to wear floral and not look hideous, but they won’t look as good as Adele!

Lady Gaga’s Versace Dress
Where do we even begin with this Gaga dress?! To the Grammys in 2012, Lady Gaga rocked this Versace gown down the red carpet. The dress featured a tight neck piece, a pattern that looked like it was designed by Michelangelo, and a frilly skirt that contained the royal colors of red, green, and gold and mesh underpadding. She wore this with snakeskin armadillo shoes (another look which you have to be Lady Gaga to wear) and a headpiece featuring gold feathers sprouting out from her hair’s part. Just in case all this wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, Gaga wore a grey-lavender wig with blue ends. But do you know what? She looked sensational! Considering the dress, the hair, and the shoes, this is a look that you’d never be able to wear anywhere except a red carpet (and you’d get looks of disapproval, even if you did), but Gaga managed to be one of the best-dressed artists there!
Carrie Bradshaw’s Market Outfit
Toward the end of the Sex and the City series, and definitely by the two subsequent movies, the focus of the story about Carrie Bradshaw and her friends had shifted from men to fashion. After Carrie marries Big in the second movie, she’s dressed for a runway in every scene. Not that we’re complaining! While most of her looks are a source of inspiration for us, some of them would just look ridiculous on the average person who isn’t Carrie Bradshaw, despite looking phenomenal on her. When Carrie visits the souk market in Abu Dhabi, she wears an outfit that is so not what we were thinking when it comes to vacation-friendly clothes. Heels, huge puffy purple satin skirt, and tight black top. We wouldn’t even think of putting that look together for a fashion show, let alone when you need to think about staying safe in a foreign country. Gosh!

Every Hairstyle On 'Game Of Thrones'
Is it just us, or does watching Game of Thrones make you want to twist your hair into all sorts of crazy braids? The female characters on the show wear some of the most intricate hairstyles we’ve ever seen, and although you can’t quite wrap your head around some of them at first, by the end of the episode you’re seriously tempted to try those styles on yourself. And as expected, they look totally ridiculous in the real world! On the show though, they seem like they’d fit right in with your modern lifestyle. Whether it’s Cersei’s random loose curls, Sansa’s lady-of-the-court up-styles or Dany’s crazy braids that you’d never be able to do anyway, even if they did look good, these styles all seem like great ideas! We’ve never seen silver hair look so appealing. Outside a medieval and fantastical setting though, they’re not as hot and much more hilarious.
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