4 Fast Ways To Make Him Fall Madly and Helplessly in Love With You.

It is almost impossible to make someone fall in love with you because, well, the heart wants what it wants. However, there are many ways to make someone genuinely have feeling towards you, especially when an attraction has already been established

Every human naturally desires that connection with a special someone and there are certain ways to activate that side of the brain that makes someone want you every single day of their existence.
Falling in love and developing attraction are two different things but aim at the same results. If you have found someone whom your heart desires, they are ways to grow that attraction and if you're lucky, make them fall helplessly in love with you.
1. Don’t change who you are
The popular belief is becoming someone else will make you more suitable for the person who you're interested in. First of all, if the person you desire requires you to change anything about yourself then you should know instantly, they don't deserve you. In most healthy relationships, showing your true, authentic self is the first way to plant yourself in the heart of your crush. What you should bother about is developing that self to the best version it can possibly be. So, never change who your are, instead develop yourself and become the magic in someone's heart.
2. Make sure they always associate you with positive feelings.
Everyone always comes back for more if the food is really tasty or if the fun experience was fulfilling, works same for relationships. If someone makes you genuinely happy then you want to be around them all the time and so if you make someone's heart dance every time they are around you, it won't take long for them to decide they need you in their life, long time.
3. Make your feelings known
Bottling up your emotions is not good for your health and neither is it helpful to someone you want to stay committed to. In fact, if you play your cards right, opening up about your feelings might just be the key to showing the person you are worth it afterall. Sometimes, people make the mistake of thinking they are feeling attracted to the person alone and until they open up, they realize the other person feels the same way, they were just shy to mention. So, speak up as much you can. What's the worse that can happen?
4. Make constant eye contact
They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, if you desire a genuine connection with someone then let your eyes do the talking. Search for truth, light and spirit, it's how the laws of love work anyway. You can activate the most powerful force in the entire universe by looking deep into your lover's eyes, what are you waiting for?
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