4 Signs You Are Still Not A MATURE PERSON

We seem to believe that maturity comes with age. The older the person, the wiser they’ll be. But in reality, that is not how it works. I have personally seen some 30-year-olds acting less mature than teenagers. What really makes you mature is the experience. When you go through difficult circumstances firsthand, you learn to prioritize better. You also become more responsible and open-minded. Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re only mature when you have your life together. Here are 4 signs that will tell you where you stand on the maturity spectrum:
1. You Are Reactive

People who’ve been through enough know that reacting impulsively when things don’t go your way is not the solution. Not being able to see the wider angle of matters or throwing tantrums without any perspective are all signs of immaturity. Mature people, on the other hand, think before they respond. They understand that no matter how loudly they complain, the rain’s not going to stop. If you have a hard time putting a brave face and moving on, then it probably means you need to grow up.
2. Looks Are Everything For You

Yes, one needs to look after themselves and make sure that they are presentable. But it also goes without saying that only depending on your beauty to get you through life is pretty immature. When you haven’t got any skills, or are unaware of your strengths and weaknesses, it means that you haven’t fully grown yet. Mature people take control of their lives and don’t depend on physical factors to fit in. They work hard only to excel, and never try to prove themselves to anyone. They are confident in their ideas and principles unlike immature people, who are naive enough to believe that their better appearance makes them superior to everyone else.
3. You Are Defensive

Having a massive ego also makes you extremely immature. Mature people listen to the other party. They are open-minded in the sense that they don’t flip out when proven wrong. They take failures as a way of learning, and they get back up everytime they fall. This is why they are highly progressive. An immature person, contrarily, will always have an excuse. They will take offense easily and will stick to their stance even when they know they are wrong. To them, their dignity matters more than social values.
4. You Victimize Yourself

We all know someone who is always looking for sympathy, even when they’ve got it all. This is that one person who is so self-centered that all they talk about is their tyrant boss, annoying parents or backstabbing friends. They talk more and listen less. All they want is appraisal for putting up with such hardships in life, for instance, having to do their own laundry. Geez, how hard that must be.
Mature people, though, loathe it when people offer them pity. They can’t stand it. They are enough for themselves and never complain. They also show gratitude even in the most difficult of times. If you’re one of those who fail to look at the brighter side of life and have sworn to frown about everything that happens to you, it might be time for you to grow up.
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