5 Brutal Punishment Confessions That Will Make You Say "WTF"

This is the strangest thing we've ever heard

We're a bit confused by this one. Why in the world would this child's father punish them by sticking them in a corner and putting uncooked pasta under their knees?
Was it one of those, "I'm really pissed at you, so sit there until that pasta cooks" kind of punishments? You know, the kind where you're forced to sit somewhere for a really long time and told that you're not allowed to come out of the corner until you've done what you were supposed to do? That's what this punishment seems like, honestly. Though, we're not quite sure if you could actually cook pasta underneath your knees. Maybe if it was really hot and you were extremely sweaty, but even then, that's a long shot.

Should we call children services or are you going to?

So, this is really messed up. Mainly because it's borderline abuse to make your child wear a diaper at 16 (we think. If it's not, it should be). We could understand if he needed to wear them because he had a bladder problem that he couldn't control. If he specified that in this confession, we wouldn't be so worried about him. He literally said that his punishment is to wear diapers, which makes us see that he doesn't want to do it. We don't blame him, either. Not only is that weird (especially at 16) but it's just gross. To know that you're being forced to pee in your pants?
Bedwetting is more common than you'd think. Many people experience this due to anxiety, bad dreams and a poor bladder. If they want to wear something to prevent wetting the bed, it's their decision. If they're being forced to? That's wrong.

This is literally heartbreaking

This literally made us tear up. How could someone be so cruel to their child? If your child is deaf and only able to hear through her hearing aids, how could you take that away from her? We've never been more disgusted than we are right now. We don't really care what your child did to "deserve" this punishment. How would you like it if you were nearly blind without glasses and someone took them away from you? We don't think you'd be angry as much as you'd be upset. They're literally taking the world away from you by doing that. Just like you're taking sounds away from your daughter by taking her hearing aids. We hope that she grows up and realizes that her parents are toxic. She shouldn't have to deal with them. We are thankful, however, that she has a sister who seems to look out for her. We wish these two the best of luck as they grow up in their household.
Punishment done right?

Alright, this is parenting (and punishing?) done right. Rather than taking away his phone, cutting his hair or making him eat cat food (we're still bothered by that one), this father punished his son in the way that made the most sense: send him to school in Goodwill clothing. We're not sure why your son goes to school in designer brand clothing to start, but it's great that you're making him do something that'll hopefully make him realize that it's not okay to make fun of others. Clothes are clothes! We never understood why the brand of our clothing determined if we were popular or not.
We're giving you a huge round of applause for this though, daddy-o. You didn't do something crazy like a few of the other parents we've gone over. We're sure that your son won't be making fun of anyone for quite some time. Perhaps, though, you can make him wear "regular" clothes from now on? You'll save money that way!

You're not punishing me, honey!

It's always funny to hear about a wife (or husband) punishing their significant other. Like, you're both grown adults! Why're you trying to punish each other? In this particular case, the wife is making her husband sleep on the couch. Joke's on her, though, because he likes it! While we have no idea what's going on in their lives (and we don't want to assume the worst) we're willing to bet that he did something to screw up their relationship. We're saying this because what other reason would you not want to sleep with your husband at night? Cuddling with someone before bed is the best feeling in the world!
We're not sure what the deal is here, but we're with the husband. Sleeping on the couch is super relaxing! You can sprawl out and take up as much room as you want! You can stay up as late as you want without disturbing the other person! Heck, if your couch is close to the kitchen, you can get snacks and stay up all night like how you did back in the "good old days." Punishment? What punishment?!
5 Brutal Punishment Confessions That Will Make You Say "WTF" 5 Brutal Punishment Confessions That Will Make You Say "WTF" Reviewed by 1 on April 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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