5 Drag Queen Makeup Tutorials Every Woman Is Following Right Now WTF?

5. Alexis Stone Is One Of Britain's Finest Queens

While Drag Race makes it seem like all of the most talented drag artists are America-based, there are plenty of successful queens on the other side of the Atlantic too! Alexis Stone is one of the most prominent British queens out there,
running a highly successful YouTube channel as well as performing in gigs around the world. As the Sydney Morning Herald reported at the start of this year, Stone is best known for being able to totally facially transform herself into a range of male and female celebrities.

However, this isn't to say her regular makeup tutorials are any less worthy of attention. This particular look jumped on the rose gold bandwagon that's been in fashion for some years now, and the result is pretty stunning. If you're looking to experiment with some brighter eyeshadow tones, give this video a watch!

4. Who Doesn't Want To Look Like Current Sensation Miss Vanjie?
Unless you've been living under a pop-culture-hating rock for the past few weeks, you'll know who Miss Vanjie is. She was the first queen to exit Drag Race's ongoing tenth season, and as Vanjie herself acknowledged in an interview with Vulture, her closing words have become a cultural sensation. Who knew that repeating the words "Miss Vanjie" three times could amuse people so much?
If you're looking to emulate Miss Vanjie's signature style, she's got the drag makeup tutorial for you. It's a lot more punk-rock than most of the other tutorials out there but in a totally good way! Who doesn't love some killer lashes and a dark lip? While we can't promise that emulating Miss Vanjie will make you a meme superstar like her, it'll certainly make you look darn good.

3. Kyle Gale Has A Tutorial For Girls On A Budget
While pretty much every drag tutorial is sickening in its own way, some of them aren't exactly achievable for those of us on a budget. If you can't afford luxury, high-end products, you might feel a bit left out watching a lot of beauty gurus both in and out of the drag community! However, it's not all bad news. Some queens make an effort to create gorgeous looks with less expensive products, and Kyle Gale is one of them.
Gale isn't exactly a big name in the drag world. He's only uploaded two videos to his YouTube channel, and he's yet to hit the big time. However, that doesn't make this tutorial any less impressive! He uses a range of affordable products to create a stunning final look. It's the kind of tutorial we've all been praying for!

2. Kimora Blac Is The Queen Of The Smokey Eye
While Kimora Blac only lasted for two episodes of the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, she's still a dab hand at creating some gorgeous makeup looks. Talking to Vulture, Blac confessed that she loves to rock sultry, seductive looks that are a total transformation from her "boy" appearance. She also doesn't think she deserved to go home from Drag Race as early as she did. Looking at this tutorial, we're inclined to agree with her!
In this video, Kimora shares her signature makeup look. It's a bold one, for sure: not many people can pull off a black lip! However, it's definitely worth a shot for any aspiring makeup guru out there. Even if you simply pair Kimora's eye makeup with a slightly less adventurous lip, you'll end up looking stunning.

1. James Charles' Pride Tutorial Is Colorful And Cute
Despite being just 18 years old, model and YouTube star James Charles has already made waves in the makeup community. In late 2016, The Guardian reported that Charles had become the first cover boy for the traditional female cosmetics brand CoverGirl. Since then, he's only gone from strength to strength. With nearly 4 million subscribers, it's not an exaggeration to say that Charles is one of the most popular drag makeup YouTubers out there!
Not only is Charles' Pride eyeshadow look a pretty visible way of supporting LGBT rights, it's also super cute! It's colorful without being too ostentatious and tapers off to create a gorgeous cat-eye illusion. Paired with a nude lip and full-coverage foundation, it's a great look to show off whether you're attending a Pride event or not.
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