5 Everyday Things to Make Your Skin Prettier in No Time

Research shows that there are many factors influencing the condition of our skin: lack of sleep, sun exposure, stress, lack of exercise, air pollution, and sugar consumption.
It’s no wonder that, in the US alone, women spend about $300,000 during their lifetime on beauty products just for their face. Here are some easy to make home remedies which will help your skin glow.
We, compiled a list of products that you can easily find at home and turn into a natural alternative to cosmetic skin products. Read this list through to the end and run to the kitchen to start your journey to perfect skin.

1. Banana peel
Banana and banana peel help treat acne, reduce pimples and remove wrinkles. Rub the peel on the area with the pimple until the inside of the peel gets dark, leave it on for a while, and clean your face with warm water. Repeat the procedure for a few days. To remove wrinkles, apply a little mashed banana to the wrinkled area.
Bananas and their peels are useful for skin nourishment and hydration because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, fiber, and protein.
2. Honey
Honey can also be used to improve your skin condition and as a treatment against pimples due to its antibacterial, antiseptic, and healing properties. If your apply honey to damp skin and massage it in every other day, the blemishes on your skin will be reduced, and the skin will become soft, smooth, and healthy.
3. Baking soda
Baking soda is a good medium for natural scrubs. You can mix it with honey and olive oil to prepare a facial mask that removes dead skin cells, calms the skin down, and neutralizes its pH. For the best results, apply this mask once a week. A mixture of coconut oil and baking soda is also a good remedy against eczema.
4. Cucumber
Cucumber is good for your skin both alone and in combination with yogurt. A cucumber mask cools down the skin, revitalizes and hydrates it, and reduces swelling. It’s good for relieving sunburns and getting rid of puffiness around the eyes. To do the latter just put two slices of cucumber on your eyes and relax.

5. Lemon
Dermatologists do not recommend applying lemon on your face directly especially if you have sensitive skin, but they admit that lemon juice can work wonders in combination with other ingredients, like honey, olive oil, sugar, yogurt, or cucumber. Lemon juice can assist in reducing pimples, degreasing oily skin, and skin lightening.
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